Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To the visitors coming from Anita's blog: I had started to have the links expire after 10 days, but since ya'll are new here, I will put them back up . Just give me a little time to get it done. I will try my best to have them all up by tomorrow, so please check back! As long as everyone remembers what their Momma taught them and says thank you we'll be okay. Welcome to Bubbles Babbles!


Tracie said...

I am new here, came from Anita's blog. thanks for puting the links back up! You do amazing things, and I can't thank you enough for posting the QP's! I am also a newbie to digi scrapping and I am trying to get "caught-up" if there is such a thing. I have a 2 1/2 year old and just finished his first year. The QP's are great to help me get caught up! I also enjoyed reading some of your tips, I had never heard of embossing before, I can't wait to try it!

Anonymous said...

Just a note to those who made it here from anitas place...YOU ARE SO LUCKY you clicked on the link to find Vicki!!!
I found her from Anitas site a little over a month ago, and now it's one of my favorite places to hang out...and the first place I try and get to each morning....

you will LOVE her stories!
and you WILL LOVE how she "sneaks" that password into her paragraphs of WIT and HUMOR, and then once the page is downloaded...and you see it on your computer

a HUGE vicki fan...Rena

twinsmom1 said...

I stumbled upon her blog a while back and try to visit at least 3-4 times a week. My schedule is so busy!! I love her pages and thinks the stories are great too!! I love having something to read about! Keep up the good work Vicki!! Don't let the ungreatful get you down. I am very thankful for all the freebies I get because that is all I can afford right now since I have been out of work! Yes, it is your blog and you just feel free to do whatever you need to do!!! Keep the cute pictures of the little girl coming, though!! I love them!

Micki said...

I am absolutely in love with your work! I just found your site today and I'm so thrilled and so grateful you're sharing your talent. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

I found your site reading Anita's blog. I love your QP and the stories on your blog. I read every word. Your family is beautiful! That Lilly is a heart stealer. I grabbed some of your QP tonight. I'm hoping I didn't use all my Hughes Net download allotment. I hate it when I do that and have to go to timeout for 24 hours. Just wanted to let you now I love your blog and all your creations. Ditzy in Alabama

Lori said...

I came from Anita's blog too! :) I LOVE reading blogs so I have NO issues 'hunting' for the password. ;P

Thanks for having us!

Jody said...

Please forgive me for not commenting on each download I have done today. This is my first visit to your site having been alerted by Nana that you had some wonderful QPs.

All I can say is they are fantastic! Your blog comments are always refreshing as well. I enjoy your sense of humor.

Thank you for taking the time to reactivate all your links - I will be busy most of the day downloading LOL

Blessings to you for being so generous.

Tori said...

Thank you for all of the files you have reactivated. I think I've downloaded them all now! LOL! Sorry I couldn't leave my "thank you's" on 4Shared, but for some reason it won't allow me to leave a comment on a password protected post. I hope this note will suffice, as I say "Thank you!" for all the wonderful QP's you have put up for everyone to download! (:


Sue said...

Thanks for keeping the links up. I appreciate being able to go back and see what you did --- and download it so I can use it. ;)

Many thanks! :D