Sunday, April 20, 2008

See, I told ya'll I wouldn't be able to hold off on the girly pages for long!!! A little background on these photos (here is where you have to suffer through my rambling babbling). As you can see from the date, I have had these photos for almost a year. I really wanted to scrap them, I mean, learning to crawl is a big deal, it should be documented. Occasionally I would attempt to do a LO, but it never would come together and I would chunk it. The other day I got an email that JanniDee had a new kit out. As soon as I saw the previews, these photos came to mind. This page came together in less than thirty minutes. A prime example of right photos, right kit!!! So that is my tip for you today, do not struggle trying to create a page. If you play with it for a little while and it just isn't happening, chunk it or save it as a PSD to go back to later. You can sit there dragging things around for hours, but if the mojo ain't there you will end up frustrated, with a mediocre page to boot! Password is: freedom When it all clicks, your LO will just kinda' zoom together!!! This kit is called "Al Fresco". I absolutely LOVE the photo pockets Janni created! I think I'm 'gonna have to scraplift this idea! LOL!!! I realize that this page may not work for everyone, three photo pages are kind of specialized, but if you can use it, enjoy!!! Did I bury the password deep enough in the post? ROTFLPIMP!!! Find Janni's fabulous designs here:

Here it be: Link Expired
Remember your manners!


Anonymous said...

beautiful stuff!!! Thank you so much!! I'm enjoying your babbling!!!

Kim B said...

Oh man just how cute is that!! GORGEOUS!!!
Toot toooting through and sending hugs

Anonymous said...

zoOh GOODNESS! another "out of the park" quick page,,,this is so dang cute! and I love your text too...thanks a bunch Vicki...its just awesome!
I have scrappped almost 200 pages this month, and you helping that number grow each day...and DAMN they are SO cute when I finally hit that save button!

I might just catch up...eventually =)~

Nani said...

Great page and precious photos!

I agree about skipping a layout and coming back later if it isn't up to snuff. Whent he inspiration isn't there, it isn't there. If your profession is a crative one, there are times that you have to settle for "good enough and on time." But for yourself, come back later and do the best! You're not punching a time cloak at home! :)

I keep my photos in folders by event and filed in chronological order. When the inspiration or challenge is there for a page that is in the future of what I'm currently scrapping, I do it and put the finished page in the folder. As I'm catching up, I'm coming to some moths that are mostly finished already (So I'm not as behind as I think I am anymore!) But doing them out of order, means I have the best resources and inspiration for each page. Makes a better looking book!

I laughed loud enough to disturb the cats when I read the buried password! :D

Trisha said...

Beautiful qp! Thank you :-)

RosieB said...

These are lovely! thank you. :)
ps Anita sent me! lol

Erika said...

Vicki this is so true and something we often forget about not "forcing" the page - especially with those important or portrait photos you feel obliged to scrap immediately. It also comes down to doing what feels "right" rather than trying to out do others or use the trickiest technique you can. Thank goodness for a voice of common sense !
Best wishes,

Lori said...

I think I might be the queen of weird amounts of photos on a layout! So this one works well for me. :) Thank you for sharing it!

Lori said...

Oh...and one other thing. I am so NOT creative. So every layout is a struggle. So although I thank you for the advice ... do you have any for non creativity? lol

Sue said...

I love the purple and green! Thanks for the quick page. :)

I really do smile when I read your blog! :D