Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hey, better late than never! Yesterday almost did me in, I didn't get to bed till midnight. Everybody say it with me "Damn you, IRS"! ROTFLPIMP!!!! I feel better now! In case you didn't notice, I'm sneakily edging back into girly mode!!! LOL!!! No pink, but swirly and hearts! This was made from an older kit from Anita (Nana's Attic) called "Foofaraw". Don't ask me, I think it means extra stuff, but I could be wrong. I do like the way it sounds, though! Foofaraw!!! LOL!!! I took the flat doodle, added a simple emboss style, and voila!!! it looks like wire! For the journaling spot, I just used one of the papers in the kit, cut it with the cookie cutter, embossed and saved as a png. This is another one of those things I do all the time when I'm trying to match things up and there is nothing in the kit that will work the way I want. Password is: foofoo
The photo is of Matt (The Brat) and Shawna (My Girl) Easter Sunday in their brand new backyard. And torn paper, I'm trying to keep myself from getting into a rut! It's HARD to not keep doing the same old things over and over. Hey...that's your tip for the day! Every once in awhile, get out of your comfort zone and shake things up a bit!
Here it be: Link Expired Remember your manners!
Now go have fun, and scrap something!


Nani said...

Great advice about leaving the comfort zone behind! I like the pages in each event to have a similar look, but when you turn the page to a new event, I want it to be obvious that it's new! My rut isn't so much elements as it is colors. Sometimes I have to force myself not to make everything green and blue or purple and blue! :)

I like the wiry effect on the qickpage! Nice job!

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

penny said...

Thank you for todays quickpage. Love the way it looks.

Lori said...

Now see, I never thought of using a bevel to change a doodle to wire! What a great idea! Thanks!

Sue said...

This is a really cute quick page. Thanks!