Sunday, April 27, 2008

Texas Accent?

I had a sure enough real Depends moment when I read this!!!
Posted by MeMeJan
Apr 25, 2008 9:45:03 PM
Thank you for sharing. My daughter just recently moved to Texas and my 6-yr old granddaughter is already starting to talk like, like, YOU! Hope she learns to cook Southern like you, too.
Lordy mercy...I was not aware that my accent was so heavy it even comes across when I type! Thank you so much MeMeJan for making my day! (Now I'm gonna go change!) As far as the cooking goes, I learned a lot from my Memaw and my Mom! You just absorb it! LOL!!!

These pages were made using the new kit from Kim Broedelet, "Ordinary Day". At $2.50 this is a steal! Get it quick! In the first LO, I used Kim's "Age It Quick" to make the torn holes in the paper. This is SO terrific! I LOVE how you can make the other paper peek through! Lilly thoroughly enjoyed gnawing on some tasty ribs, and even offered to share!
Wyatt will come anytime Lilly calls. I love the aspect of the second photo! Sometimes I get really lucky! Thought I would pass along a little tip. It may be painfully obvious, but I just discovered it a couple of months ago (after almost 2 years of digi), so here goes. While designing a page, trying to see which elements would work (or not) I would drag them into the LO, then if I didn't like the way it looked, I would delete. You know that little eyeball looking thing in your layers palette? Just click on it and you can make it disappear! When you decide you like the looks of your LO, THEN delete the layers you don't want!


Nani said...

I've seen people who type with thicker accents, really!

Hehe... It took me about THREE months before I figured out the eyeball thing!

I LOVE that smile! Sweet layout! :)

Shell said...

Thanks so much for all your wonderful shares. I was wondering if you have an RSS link somewhere so that I can subscribe to your blog.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

Just passin' thru on the DSO blog train.... I love your LO's they capture the moment so well! The second one is so precious, her big brother being there for whenever she calls. :)

Kim B said...

Tooting through- Oh girl those look AWESOME - Love the rib one! hahahaha TOOO CUTE!
Sending hugs

Anonymous said...

Well hello Vicki Happy Monday!

I love the two pages you posted, just awesome,,,your photos on these are a *10* as always

Kim Broedelet QP's OH MY! well this just made my monday for sure!

Thanks for the tip too, who knew the "eyeball thing" was there for a reason...LOL! but never dared to "see" what for...ha! I will definately give it a shot today!
I am the "delete" queen, as much as you are the QP queen...

now about that Texas accent?, yeah I feel it from you all the way in california....hee hee!
Even after 20+ years of not living in Texas, all it takes is for me to talk to someone on the phone from there, and INSTANTLY I get the TEXAS DRAAAWWWLLL.....
I made some *good* money when I first moved to Ca off my accent, as a waitress, people ask for my section just to hear me talk...Oh those tips! Ya'll come back now, ya hear....*big grin* Rena

kicksmom said...

My husband just showed me the "hide" layer trick a few weeks ago. It has helped save me a lot of time. Accents? I'm from KY and living in Northern VA. I'll always have that southern accent which my husband assures me is charming.

Sue said...

Yes, it took me a while to figure that out, too.

You have such an artistic eye that maybe you didn't need to find the other eye right away. ;)