Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Gifty, Some Weiners, and misc...

Okay, I'm 'gonna start from the bottom and work up. The pirate site has removed my stuff, but let me tell ya'll, this one is big and I am sure they will do it again, it's going to take constant vigilance. ya'll have some kind of ESP or do you just know me too well? Most of the comments have mentioned that I need to take a beach vacation. Well guess what? Way back in March I rented a house on South Padre Island for a week starting June 1st. Yep, no slogging all over Disney this year for Nana, I will be relaxing on the beach with margarita in hand, a true vacation! I actually started planning on New Year's Day, I knew I wanted to rent a beach house, cause that is one of the things on my croak list, and I really need some down time. I was waffling around between Gulf Shores Alabama and South Padre. In light of the recent developments in the Gulf I am so glad I chose South Padre! Here's a little looky at where I will be come June 1st.
The beach view is from the balcony, I am so excited!

And...since I am feeling so wonderful right about now, I have decided to give "Granny's Trunk" to everyone that left a comment! Ya'll know who you are, so send me an email to and I will send the links for you!
And speaking of Granny' s Trunk, here's a page I created with it to give 'ya some ideas, and a little gift just because ya'll are so terrific!

Great big hugs,

Friday, May 21, 2010

Pirates, ARGHHH!!!

I'll get the Granny's Trunk Add-On gifty up tomorrow, along with the winner(s) of the complete kit tomorrow. I am dealing with some of my stuff being pirated at the moment. So sorry, pirates are a PITA to everyone!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wanna Dig Around In Granny's Trunk?

I finally have a new kit available in my store at Plain Digital Wrapper! This is one that has been knocking around in my head for some time, I actually started working on it about three months ago, then Mr. Mojo took a hike, things got crazy, I got the gout and it went on the back burner. I envisioned a kit that would be good for heritage type pages, but would still be versatile enough to use for the everyday type pages that I love so much. I hope I have achieved what I set out to accomplish, let me know what ya'll think. I call it Granny's Trunk. I don't know about ya'll, but I had a blast rooting around in my grandmother's cedar chest when I was a kid and seeing some seemingly insignificant piece of memorabilia and wondering just what it meant. Anyway, I digress, but that was the general feeling I was shooting for here. Once again I have separated it out, so that you can get just the stuffies or papers or the whole danged thing if you so feel inclined. If you do decide to go for broke and get the stuffies along with the matts and clusters pack you can grab the papers for free! Since I am still kind of new to all of this, I do appreciate the feedback that ya'll provide. Is this type of kit relevant to your scrapping needs? Is there anything you would like to see? Do you like to be able to purchase only what you want, or do you prefer the whole kit? On Friday I will choose one winner from the comments received on this post to receive Granny's Trunk for free! Stay tuned, I will have a little gifty add-on coming soon!

Monday, May 17, 2010

PDW May Color Challenge Mini-Kit

Thanks to all of ya'll for the well wishes, I am slowly but surely getting better, this morning my foot actually resembles a foot and not a football. I rigged up a lapdesk so I could work on my laptop while keeping my foot elevated, so that I could at least try and catch up with some of my scrapping stuff. This months swatch at Plain Digital Wrapper is kinda on the bright side. Well, okay, it's REALLY bright. Like NEON bright. Definitely out of my comfort zone, but hey, that's why it's called a challenge, right? Grab your sunglasses and enjoy! PS... I am such a doofus, I should've mentioned the fact that if you like that paper scrapped chalked look on your pages you need to snag Jodiann's awesome Chalkie's Styles. Of course I am most fond of the "Vicki's Beach Chalkies", (imagine that) but now this amazing fellow Texan who is also a PS style genius has come up with some more. Yep, check out Chalkies:Bold Summer, can we say absolutely fabulous?

Today's gift: PDW May
Great big hugs, Vicki

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grab A Cocktail...

Okay, a not so quick recap of my topsy turvy life...not an excuse by any means, but just to let ya'll know why I have been incognito as of late. Of course ya'll know that the first quarter of the year is pure de heck for me. As if that wasn't enough, I got the bright idea to install new POS software for both of our stores in mid March. What was I thinking?!?!?! This has resulted in many many weeks of 60+ hours, because I have to do so much stuff after the stores are closed. Not to mention that the folks in our Lufkin store are technically challenged(and I am being really nice here). Everyday they spend about two minutes screwing up stuff that it takes me two HOURS to fix. Then our headquarters store was broken into, and the jerk trashed my office, so I spent days sorting through mountains of paper in an attempt to restore semi-order. I mean, my office may be a pig sty, but I know EXACTLY where everything is, until some crackhead comes in and turns everything upside down. top it off, the idjit only made away with $15.37 in change, a flashlight and a beer. Hello?!?!? Did you flunk robber school or what?
Okay, so I am pretty stressed out by now, and I haven't been to the casinos since February, so when I get the invitation to a VIP party on May 08 I am on it like white on rice. Yeah buddy, I need to go make a contribution to the Lousiana economy. OMG, the dinner was shrimp and crab and more shrimp and crab, and oh yeah, some shrimp and crab. See, I am like Forrest Gump here, I like shrimp everyway there is, so I am in HEAVEN! I promptly made an utter pig of myself, never thinking of the consequences. Ya see, I am prone to gout, and as much as I love it, seafood is a big NO-NO. So Wednesday night around 2:00 AM I must have turned a certain way in the bed and let me tell ya, I probably jumped about two feet off of the mattress. Yep, I have incurred a major gout attack from my shrimpfest. The pain was so bad that I actually left work at 2:30 Thursday afternoon. For a major workaholic to leave early ya know it's gotta be bad. I have always dealt with a gout attack by natural means(cherries and pineapple) but this time it's not working so well. The catch-22 is that the doc can't start any prescription meds until the acute attack is past. make a long story short, I can hardly stand to sit at my desk or work on the computer because I am having to keep my foot elevated above my head, and I am seriously thinking I need to invest in a Rascal or Humarround.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May DSO Color Challenge Kit

Long lost Bubbles checking in here for just a moment to give ya'll my take on KimB's swatch for the May DSO Color Challenge. I swear I'm gonna try and put together a post soon to fill ya'll in on all the goings on. Until then, enjoy!
Today's gifty: DSO May