Monday, April 7, 2008

More Tips

Anyone can design knock-out pages! Just keep a few things in mind. The opinions expressed here are mine and mine only. This is how I create. Hey, it works for me! LOL!!! I always start with the photo's I want to scrap. Design your page around them. I can't stress this enough. It's ALL about the pictures, not the papers or elements. Everything on the page should complement the photos. This is the MOST important tip I can give you. Find a couple of designers that you like. I have been a fan of Nana's Attic since day one. Her creations suit my style, that makes it easy to design a page. A couple of my other go-to's are Jannidee,Kim Broedelet, PinkuPixie and Mabelle. Use basic rules of design. If you go back and look at my pages, you will notice I usually use a triangle. Sometimes it may be a kind of woppy triangle, but it is usually there. If you like torn paper, invest in some actions. I LOVE torn paper, (as if you couldn't tell!) and I used to spend untold amounts of time going through all the steps to create it in Photoshop. Atomic Cupcake to the rescue! Tilt stuff, especially photos! Nothing in life is perfect, although I will admit that I am so OCD that I will use the grid to make sure that my stuff is tilted in proportion! Use BIG photos! As I said before, it is supposed to be about the pictures, not the papers or elements. I just have to sigh when I see a beautiful page and this little bitty picture down in the corner. Scrap whatever floats your boat at the moment. Do not get caught up in the chronological time warp. I am still scrapping pages of my boys when they were little (and they are 29 and counting!). Okey dokey, that's all for today! A big ole Texas sized hug to all you wonderful ladies! I would do a dork dance, but it hurts my head! ROTFLPIMP!!!


Susie2shoes said...

This is a real help, thanks for the creative insite. I'm going to print it out and put it on the wall. I so agree with you about the dissapointment of a beautifully put together QP only having space for a tiddley photo, it's mad ... it's all about the photo's. You also need space to write your journalling, so busy & cluttered is not a good look either.

Thanks Vicki

Anonymous said...

I just read your "More Tips" - thank you for the advise. I'm just beginning, have looked at so many pages but they seem to be all about papers & elements, not the picture. I love your QP's, they have room for a good-sized photo. Anymore tips? Thanks again. camson

Carole N. said...

I really enjoyed you sharing how you create your layouts. I always go with the photo first and then find a kit to match. I scrap a lot like you and I have been on a Creative Team since 2005. I LOVE your style, your layouts, and your QPs and I really do appreciate you sharing them.
Due to health problems (joint replacements) it's difficult to sit for long periods of time so the QPs really simplify my life and my scrapping.
Thanks so much and hugs!

Sue said...

Wow! Great stuff! Thanks for all the tips. I'm copy-pasting it into a file so I can go back and remind myself what to do.

Is it all about the picture? :D I think I have that tip down.