Monday, April 21, 2008

No Paparrazi!

Lilly has decided to be camera shy these days! She will put her hand over the lens anytime she sees you trying to take her picture. Kinda' reminds me of the movie stars dealing with paparrazi! I think this is a perfect example of what at first seems to be a lousy photo turning out to be a great one! I love the way her fingers frame her face! Background papers and frame are from Kim Broedelet's "UndaDaSea" kit. Stacking Notes from Kim B also (commercial use, recolored by me). The sticky arrow was one of her blog freebies. Thanks to LPand3dogs for the curled edge template.


Anonymous said...

CUTE CUTE PAGE!! I love how her face is peeking...BRILLIANT effect!

I remember when my daughter began to shy away from the camera...the flash was just too much...(switch over to outside shots for awhile with no flash,,,you will get her back)...ha!
But now, at age 13 my daughter, says "Mom, will you take my picture?...which is why I am so far behind in scrapping =}

I tried posting a comment on the
Al Fresco qp, but it kept eating my comment...did you do that on purpose.....? =)~

so I will just paste my comment here...
Oh GOODNESS! another "out of the park" quick page,,,this is so dang cute! and I love your text too...thanks a bunch Vicki...its just awesome!

I have scrappped almost 200 pages this last month, and you are helping that number grow each day...and DAMN they are cute SO when I finally hit that final save button!

I might just catch up...eventually =)~
Thanks again...Rena

Oase said...

It's a mood they are in cause my daughter use to be a ham to, and yesterday I couldn't get her to smile for anything for a photo, what a brat. Love the LO and I really love your blog header that is so adorable.

kicksmom said...

What a cute layout. Gives me pause to use some of those photos that just don't turn out well. My boys usually run and hide when they see me with a camera.

Nani said...

I agree with Oase! There was a period when my niece, who is an absolute ham for the camera, covered her face if you tried to snap her pic!

LouCeeCreations said...

A beautiful page' it's amazing how you can salvage a photograph and turn it into something special

Lori said...

That's definately a great photo in an offbeat way! Almost like you meant it that way. Cute cute layout!

Sue said...

This is really cute! I liked the "palm pilot", too!