Saturday, April 19, 2008

Excuse ME!!!!

Posted by Theresa
Apr 19, 2008 10:30:18 AM
thank-you but please make the password easier it took me forever to get

Let me say it one more time. You must suffer through my ramblings to find the password. If you cannot take the thirty seconds out of your busy day to read my blog and FIND the password, then you do not deserve to have the GIFT that I am offering.

Ya' know, I stopped the feed for DigiFree, thinking it would put an end to this crap, but no...We are getting closer all the time to having a private club. And remember, if anyone has a problem with this, it is MY BLOG, and I can do what ever the hell I want to.


Anonymous said...

I just would like to take a BRIEF moment to talk to the PERSON(s) who DARED to ask about the password, being made easier to find??

OMG! you have some gall...her paragraphs are extremely short to read...they are INTERESTING, INFORMATIVE, FUNNY, and will really make your day a little BRIGHTER if you take the 30 seconds needed to do will find the password, usually before the paragraphs end....holy cow!

let me me ask you...
take her last QP she offered..look at long would it take you to make it?
one hour, if your REALLY good,,,(but I doubt it or you wouldnt be on her blog) two hours...maybe three....probably more like it...because that is ME...that is why I came in the beginning...
but now even if I didnt get a page on a certain day....I STILL read her blog...because I think she has TIPS, and fun stories...that believe it or might actually ENJOY the time!! =)

ALL I ask...if just give it a dont have to thank me'
really... *big grin here*


and in case your wondering....NO I dont know Vicki, I know only of what I have learned since I began coming here about a month I glad I did......YOU BETCHA'
I have STUNNING pages to show for it, and I feel like I am making a friend at the same time...

Nichole said...

Hi my name is Nichole and I haven't left any comments and i'm ashamed but i just wanted to say i don't think its suffering at all to read your blog its wonderful and funny .. i just came to visit your blog a couple of weeks ago and i'm new .. i had no trouble at all finding your password but mostly because i was reading your blog y in the first place which shouldn't be any trouble for anyone considering your giving it away.... thank your your quickpages and its so wonderful of you to leave for us in the first place for people like me that love have a love of scrapbooking but can't design and and i'm not all that great at putting together layouts either... your quickpages are beatiful your writing is great and if you make a private club can i please join!!!!!!!!!
I love your stuff.. :)


Cari said...

I like reading your "ramblings" Thank you for sharing a bit of you with us.

Lavender said...

I love your rambling babbles ... you are the guaranteed smile of my day! I love scrapping but I'm the first to admit I'm awful at it ... I mean, seriously awful ... so I appreciate your QPs more than I can say! I also appreciate the hard work you put into them and the fact that you share your work so willingly makes them all the more special. So, a big thank you from me!

PS: Consider the source! It's a good thing killing stupid people is illegal, or the Theresas of the world would have very short lives, indeed! :-D

Sheree said...

I did take a few of your QP's - they are beautiful!!
I do appreciate them and did not leave individual thank-yous but wanted to put one here somewhere for you - this is all new to me but I will learn.
Thank you so much for the creative and different use of colors - they are unique and you should be proud of your work - thanks for sharing.

Wendy said...


Sue said...

Yes, it's your blog. Thanks for not starting a club. :)