Monday, December 29, 2008

Lilys Garden QP

Vicki P. has a new freebie kit that starts today! It's called "Lilys Garden" and it is a rework of one of her very first designs. Be sure to stop in every day this week to pick up all the pieces. This is a gorgeous kit with nice spring time colors.
I'm not much on purple, but I had this photo of Lilly with her ever present binky that matched up perfectly! Password is: binky
I am going to try to find the time to chat and share some holiday photos sometime this week, but for now I have to catch up on three days of sales reports, deposits, and fix the inevitable mess that occurs everytime I take a few days off.
Todays gift: expired
Hugs, Vicki

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's a Foo-Foo Christmas!

Remember back in November when I was working with Kim B's color swatch and thought that it would make a pretty Christmas kit? Nah, I didn't think ya'll would! Anyway, ya'll all know how I love the foo-foo, so I started playing around with that swatch and all sorts of ribbons and sparkley stuff and came up with "A Foo-Foo Christmas". What else could the password be but: foofoo

Your Christmas gift: expired
Merry Christmas to everyone!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chocolate Valentine

Vicki P. has a new kit in her store called "Chocolate Valentine". It's only $2.50 for the whole kit through the end of the month. See the complete kit and snap it up here . Here's a LO of myself and the LillyBug to give you an idea of what you can create with this fab kit!

Hugs, Vicki

Monday, December 22, 2008

Long Time, No Post

Sorry for being MIA. I am just overwhelmed and don't have enough time to do everything. Ain't it a shame when real life gets in the way? LOL!!! I did finally get a chance to use my new camera this weekend. I LOVE IT!!! (Although I don't know if I'll ever figure out everything that it can do!) I did manage to scrounge up a tiny gift for ya'll. The newest action from Atomic Cupcake is tinsel! I played around with it and came up with some pieces that will match the Christmas kit. Also included are some felt words. Password is: shiny
"Foo-Foo Christmas" is almost finished, I'll get it uploaded this week.
Todays gift: expired
Hugs, Vicki

Monday, December 15, 2008

Funky Retro

Here's my LO from "Funky Retro", Vicki P.'s newest kit. Check out her blog every day this week to pick up all the pieces.
This photo is of my Daddy with his mutant duck tomato. Password is: duck
Todays gift: expired
Hugs, Vicki

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Makeover for Christmas!

I have scrapped these photos before, but I just couldn't resist doing them again. The photo of Lilly showing her tonsils just cracks me up everytime I see it (and notice, Wyatt holds his pose throughout the tantrum)! I used stuff from my Christmas kit, which is available a couple of posts down. password is: candy
Todays gift: expired
What do we say?
Hugs, Vicki

Friday, December 12, 2008

Country Cottage Kit

Well, I truly did try to get a page together for ya'll last night, but it was kinda' like beating a dead horse, it just wouldn't go anywhere. Maybe Mr. MoJo will show his shining face around my house this weekend.
I finished this LO earlier this week. I used Vicki Parker's new kit "Country Cottage" which will be available in her store tomorrow. (Or it could be today, I stay confused on the time thing).
Anyway, ya'll should check this one out, the FABULOUS torn & worn alpha is worth the price of the kit! Get it here . It's on sale for only $2.50 till midnight Sunday! Run, run, run!

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Vicki

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poor Neglected Blog Readers

I thought I should check in with a quick post to let ya'll know that I haven't fell off the face off the earth! I'm just BUSY!!! Uhmmm...let's see, what's been happening around here?
Matt and Shawna just got back from Jamaica, and sent me a bunch of photos to rub it in. (Along with a not so subtle hint that I could make some pages!)
It snowed here last night! Not a whole lot, but any snow in these parts is big news, now I have snowy pics of Wyatt and Lilly to scrap.
I am STILL wrapping presents from the Black Friday spree, and no...I am not finished with my shopping. I haven't figured out what to get for Matt and my Daddy.
Last, but certainly not least, Santa came early to my house. Yep, I broke down and bought myself a Canon Digital EOS Rebel XS along with a 75-300 zoom lens. I've been eyeing them for a while and just couldn't stand it any longer. A very Merry Christmas to Vicki! LOL!!! Now I just have to figure out how to take a picture with it! I foresee an experimental photo shoot in Wyatt & Lilly's near future.
I will try and get a page finished tonight for ya'll.
Merry Christmas,

Monday, December 8, 2008

Country Life

Vicki P. starts the release of "Country Life" today. Be sure to stop in @ every day to pick up all the pieces! I have to be honest with ya'll, I totally forgot that this kit started today. I realized it when I got up this morning, and whipped up this page @ 5:00 AM. It's on the simple side, and I didn't have time to put the journaling on it before I had to run out the door. This shot was taken in December of 2001. My goodness, how Wyatt has grown! Password is: little

Todays gift: expired

Hugs, Vicki

Christmas Stuff

As promised, here's the Christmas Stuff. I hope ya'll like it, I had a blast making it!! Stay tuned for more Christmas scrap stuff! I am working on the "Foo-Foo Christmas". LMFAO!!!! Password is: hohoho

Todays gifts: expired

Hugs, Vicki

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

ARGGHH!!! This is the third time to try to make this post, Blogger is really being a turd today, on top of it taking over an hour to upload to 4shared (on DSL, no less!). Here is the result of my lost eight hours on Saturday. Hope ya'll like! (note: the overlays used to make these papers result in HUGE files, if anyone has a problem downloading, let me know and I can split them up). I'm 'gonna give ya'll a peek at the whole danged thang, download the papers today and check back Monday for the stuff. 'Scuse the previews, as ya'll know, I suck at making them. Anybody have any suggestions? Anyone want a job? LOL!!! Password for papers is: merry
Sucky Word Art preview is not ready.
Todays gifts: expired
What did your Mama teach you?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bright Christmas (Just Call Me Droopy Drawers)

I know I said I would post this QP this morning, and now it's 4:30 in the afternoon, but I got sidetracked. I sat down at the 'ole lap top @ 7:30 this morning and before I knew it, it was 3:00 in the afternoon! I imagine ya'll will forgive me when you see the mega Christmas kit I came up with. Start picking it up tomorrow! Now, without further ado, I give you the "Bright Christmas" QP. Get the whole kit over at Vicki P's and don't forget to jump on the blog train for all the other terrific stuff! Password is: snow
Todays gift: expired

Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh No, not again!!!

It's mighty drafty around here! LMFAO!!! My QP for "Bright Christmas" will be available either later tonight or in the morning. I'm gonna have to get me one of those world time clocks!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Here We Go!

Better late than never! Here's the QP for "Primary Grunge". I have double checked with Vicki P. on the release of "Bright Christmas", so I won't be caught with my pants down again! LOL!!! No time to chat, I bought a new server and have to deal with the network issues. Maybe later! Password is: cute
Todays gift: expired
Hugs, Vicki

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Primary Grunge

Dadgummit, I just can't keep up with all these different time zones and postings! I am falling down on the job! LOL!!! Vicki P. posted the start of her new freebie kit "Primary Grunge" late yesterday, and I was caught unprepared. See, I told you there would still be lots of give aways! This kit was a blast to play with. Here's my LO of Ms. Lil sporting her cute little pigtails, and if you would like to come back tomorrow, the QP will be available for download. I will try to pay more attention in the future, I promise!

It's a Winter Wonderland!

Just in case ya'll have been in a hole or something and missed the big news, Vicki Parker of is now selling her kits! Of course, she will still be giving away lots and lots of fabulous freebies, but you should really check out her store here. This kit is called Winter Wonderland and it's on sale right now for only $4.00! Here's my LO of Matt and his homey looking Snow Cop. I took this photo during one of our rare East Texas snows. Sorry, no QP of this one, Vicki P. has requested that I not use the paid kits. So... if you like this LO, run right on over to her store, snag this kit and scraplift away!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mini Kit

I know, everyone is probably tired of fall colors and is ready for Christmas stuff, but I made a little mini kit to use for my Thanksgiving pages and decided what the heck...maybe ya'll could use it, too. The cute notebook paper frame is courtesy of Gunhild Storeide @ She has some wonderful creations that she shares, check it out! There are three of the scratched and worn papers in png form. I uploaded each of them separately, because using this overlay makes for a pretty large file. I made the sequins using a nifty little action from Deb @ . Password is: leaf (for all links, I can't think of anything else)

And here's my turkey page and the QP for ya'll. I'll try to find the time to fill ya'll in on Fridays
shopping trip later! Password is: leaf

Another gift! expired
Hugs, Vicki