Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Passions Blush

Oh yeah, the pink stuff just keeps on coming! Passions Blush is the name of KimBob's newest kit and it has a gorgeous blend of pinks and purples to create all sorts of pages with. It also features new and unique elements, and enough strings and ribbons to make me a really happy camper! Oh my goodness, the papers...the papers are fabulous! Get it now for 35% off! Yep, that's right, you're just $3.90 away from creating all kinds of gorgeous pages.

Check out this LO of Lilly in all of her bejeweled glory. I zapped it into a QP for ya'll. Enjoy!
What do we say?
MWAH!!! Vicki

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Couple of New LO's

I had the pleasure of playing with "Letter From The Heart", a new kit from By Dezine. Seeing as how I am such a pink freak, I was in hog heaven, lol! Believe me, this kit is packed full of fabulous textured papers and unique elements. If you hurry, you can get this humongous kit for only $3.00! Just take a looky at what I came up with, and I know you'll want to snap it up for yourself!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

It's All About the Texture!

If you already make your own papers, or have been thinking about giving it a try, then Kim has just the thing for you! There are 26, yes 26 overlays in this bag for only $5.00!!! That's less than .20 each! Can we say bargain? Yep, I thought you could. You can snag them at DSO or DSV.
If you want a little hint, I used some of these in the "Make Me Hot" papers, or check out Kim's blog, she will be revealing a little bit every day.

Big hugs,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's Warm Up! (Make Me Hot, lol)

Now ya'll don't go gettin' spoiled, but I have another Color Challenge kit ready this week! Lisa at Plain Digital Wrapper came up with this warm and cozy color scheme. She calls it "Make Me Hot", lol. Now I'm sure that this brings all kind of images to mind, but I tried to narrow it down to something that I could put on the blog, BWAHAHAHA!!! You know how when it's cold outside it feels so good to snuggle up under an afghan with a big cup of coffee (preferably with a generous splash of Bailey's)? Well, that's kinda' what I was going for here. Hope ya'll don't mind the chipboard frames again, they mix so well with any color scheme, and I love the look. Enjoy!

Today's gift: Jan 2010 PDW CC.zip
Big hugs,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 2010 Color Challenge Kit

I've gotta tell ya'll, for somebody that is a pink freak, this month's color challenge was for some reason a real challenge for me. I couldn't begin to tell ya'll how much stuff I worked for hours on and then trashed. Finally, this morning I decided see what I could come up with, since it was 16* outside and there was nothing much else to do. Now I know that to a lot of ya'll these kind of temps are the norm, but for me, a dyed in the wool beach bunny, anything below 60* is pushing it. I'm ready to pack up and move to Costa Rica, lol. Our high yesterday was 26*, at 7:00 AM it was so flippin' cold that the telephones froze. Yes, you read that right, the PHONES froze. Excuse me...just where is this global warming happening???? To explain...
The Comdial system is installed out in the warehouse behind my office. About 7:30 I realized it had been awfully quiet, usually the phones are ringing off the wall nonstop. I went and reset the system, but NADA. I grabbed my cell and was digging for the phone guy's number when it occured to me that electronics are supposed to be kept in a semi-warm atmosphere. I took my under desk heater out and plugged it in, and pointed it at the phone console. Less than 60 seconds later the danged phone was ringing like crazy. So...I sacrificed warm legs for six ringing phone lines that drive me bonkers. What is this world COMING TO? Somebody just tell me what I've done to deserve this, and I swear I'll never do it again.
Anyway, I digress...if you have read this far you deserve a gifty! Without further ado, I give ya'll my take on Kim's swatch for January 2010. I have included a clustered 'page starter', you can pretty much drag it onto your paper, add a photo, title and journaling and have yourself a LO! It is preshadowed, remember that I do my shadows at 45*, so if you use it and want to add anything else to your page change the direction of any shadows you apply to 45*.

Today's gift: txbubbles-Jan2010 CC-papers.zip txbubbles-Jan2010 CC-stuff.zip
Here's a big 'ole cold hug,

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Color My World

Howdy, yall! For the first post of 2010 I have just the thing to brighten up your day. Take a look at Vicki Parker's latest kit "Color My World" and you'll know what I'm talking about. There's enough variety here so that you can create several pages with completely different looks. I was particularly taken with the blue threaded ribbon, I love the way it looks on the page! You can pick up this terrific kit for the low price of $3.00 right here. And...since I haven't offered one in a while, I made my LO into a QP for ya'll.