Monday, March 31, 2008

I just have to share this page I made of Lilly. She actually had a sausage in each hand. This girl can EAT! One of my favorite parts of this page is the folded blue check paper in the bottom right corner. It kinda' looks like a napkin to me, and believe me, some napkins were definitely needed when this photo was taken! I used "La Bodega" from Sweetmade. This kit is awesome, lots of torn grungy stuff to stack up! I don't have permission to offer it as a QP, but if enough people are interested, I can try.

Mr. Mojo came knocking on my door this weekend! I got a whole bunch of pages done, and made quite a few into QP's, so you will get something everday this week. I started out just intending to get some Easter pages done, then decided to make a few papers for a page for my son Matt. Then, as the old Meatloaf song says, "The feeling came upon me like a tidal wave"! (Yeah, I'm really showing my age here) LOL!!! This is what I ended up with, All Worn Out:

I just need to do a little fine tuning and then get it uploaded to 4 shared. I'm really looking forward to finding out what you all think! The previews really don't do it justice. The papers have great texture, and I just love the stacked & tied sets! Now on to today's freebie. This was made with the Cherry Lime Parfait kit from Nana's Attic. Anita has such terrific kits! Password is: cherry

Get it here: Link Expired

Remember your manners!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Boy, am I glad this week is almost over. I have been so busy, as Kim B would say, "I haven't had time to fart!" LOL!!! My whole world is coated in yellow pollen and I feel lousy. But enough of my griping. I did finally manage to get this one packed up for you. There are two versions, one for Easter and one generic. I really am pleased with how the velvet ribbon frame turned out! The photo is of Lilly Easter afternoon about 3:00 PM. She was wound up tight! She never did take a nap, and by around 7:00 she was getting really loopy! Password is: nomorecandy Just a little tidbit for you, I used the cactus layer style on the text. I think it gives it a sugar coated look. Let me know what YOU think! Oh, the Easter charm was a freebie from PinkuPixie!

Get 'em here: Link removed due to people with no manners

Look up for password

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oldie but Goodie

Just checked out DigiFree and realized I swapped the order for the pages, so now my Mom is all over the web in this hat!!!! She would kill me if she knew, so let's just let it be our little secret, okay? ROTFLPIMP!!! password is: hat
Here is another QP from one of Mabelle's beautiful kits. I used the Treasures from the Attic freebie for this page. This was also offered exclusively on her blog and now you can get it here! Check out the creations of Mabelle here: The LO is my parents wedding portrait. Ya' gotta love that hat!
Get it here: Link removed due to people with no manners
You know what to do!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is my new favorite kit! It's called "UndaDaSea" by Kim Broedelet. It is huge and packed with beautiful papers and terrific elements. This is her Masterpiece! (At least so far!) Check it out:
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Good God Gertie!!! I don't know what happened with the previews, but these horrible shadows are NOT in the QP!!! I decided to go ahead and post it, since all I have at home is sucky dial-up and I am already here @ work mooching the DSL! This is strange, it did not look this way on the laptop! If anyone has a problem, e-mail me. password is: toopink

Oh, WOW!!! Since I now have fans, I made a blinkie! Check it out on the left here! Snag it if you want. The too cool fishy is from Kim Broedelet. The aquarium elements are from Moune. In other news, I have been playing around again. I was looking out my window this morning and the azaleas are just starting to bust out all over. The colors are beautiful! We all know how much I love pink, (after all these years, I AM entitled) so I came up with this! I have a whole kit in the works, I am calling it Azalea Garden (yeah...I know, real creative Ha!Ha! Ha!) but I still haven't quite got down the packaging and preview thing yet. Until then, here is a QP for you!

Get it here: Link removed due to people with no manners
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Friday, March 21, 2008

Island Girl revisited

A while ago I made this QP is from the Island Girl series by "Mabelle" Santiago-Rubia. It was offered exclusively on her blog at the time. Since she has so graciously been directing everyone to my blog, I thought I should go ahead and repost it here. The frame is made with a glass overlay that will give your photo a kind of matte, dreamy look. (If you prefer it without, just erase.) She creates some amazing stuff! See her here: password is: flower Get it here: Link removed due to people with no manners
Remember your manners!

Vintage Oreo QP

Summer has released a new kit she calls "Vintage Oreo". I think it will be great for heritage pages. See her here:
Here is what I came up with!

Get it here: Link removed due to people with no manners

password is: oreo
What else could it possibly have been? Enjoy, and have a great Easter!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Kit at PinkuPixie!

I made this LO of Lilly with the new kit from PinkuPixie called "Tough Girl". If you have a girl, this kit is great! Get it here: There will be a QP available from this LO, I will post when it is available so you can snag it if you want. Lilly in a rare quiet, pensive moment. Usually she is just kinda' busting out all over the place!

Raffia QP

This is a page I created while messing around with some new design tools I bought. I think the ties and the papers turned out great if I do say so myself. Heck...I may be designing some kits for ya'll soon! You can use it as is for a clean and simple LO, or add a tag or some other elements to customize it for yourself.
Get it here: Link removed due to people with no manners
Big thanks to Kim Broedelet, LPand3dogs Designs and Bunny Cates. A great big 'ole Texas hug goes out to all the sweet ladies that left such kind words here and on 4shared after I threw my hissy fit the other day. I read each and every one. You need to have feedback to know what works and what doesn't, especially when you are just starting out. And I have to say, sticking the password in the middle of your rant sure does get people to read your post!!! ROTFPIMP!!! Password is: tiedup Never let it be said that I don't use what works!!! Now go have a great day, and scrap something! You have a new QP, so you have NO EXCUSE!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relax QP

This is another QP made with the wonderful kits available from Summer Driggs who has given me permission to create and post Quick Pages. Background papers from the "Relax " kit. I made the frame with her Swirly Frame brush. You can find her freebies here:
Journaling papers by me (big thanks to Kim Broedelet!)
Special thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the torn paper actions!
Get it here: Link removed due to people with no manners

Password is: big rock

Monday, March 17, 2008

Moments Quick Page

I managed to make a few Quick Pages this weekend, so I will have several to share with you this week, so check back daily. This one was made from another of Summer Driggs beautiful kits. She has graciously given me permission to make QP's with her wonderful creations. This kit is called "Moments". I loved the doodly flowers! (As if you couldn't guess! ROTFPIMP!!!) Thanks to Atomic Cupcake for the actions! See Summer (and get her beautiful kits while you are there!) here:
Get it here: Link removed due to people with no manners
read on for the password

BTW...I have posted regarding simple manners, (see manners post) to no avail. Evidently rude people can't read either. I am simply stating facts here. There are a lot of people creating out here to help you preserve your memories, the least you can do is say something when someone GIVES you something. Did your Momma not teach you to say "thank you"? I'm so disgusted with the digital scrapbooking world right now, (and I know I'm not the only one) I am ready to just start posting a preview and saying "You could have had access to this if only you had had some manners". For everyone that has taken the the 2 seconds to say something, THANK YOU!!! password is: doodly It is these little comments that make it all worth while and make us want to do more. Remember, we don't HAVE to do this, I know, I have a high powered, high stress job and I do this in what little free time I have, but I have a very low tolerance for rudeness (I guess that's the Southern Girl coming out in me)!!!

Okay...Rant over.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I should have some new freebies on Monday. Until then, I thought I would share a LO I have of me. I am trying to get into the habit of doing some LO's of myself. I am on a Barbeque team and we compete at cook-offs. This was taken at the "Do Dat Barbeque". And no, those are not his real teeth. (At least that's what he told me!) Papers from Nana's Attic.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Beauty Quick Page

This photo was made when Lilly was a few days old. The rose was from one of the arrangements from the hospital. Password is: big rose

Summer Driggs has graciously allowed me to use her wonderful creations. This Quick Page was made with background papers from her Beautimous Collection. I made the frame using her Swirly Frame brush. Thank you so much, Summer! You can find her (and pics of her beautiful new baby) here:

Link removed due to people with no manners

Monday, March 10, 2008

I did this LO featuring my son Dave aka "Martini Man" for the CT competition @ mgl scraps this weekend. The kit is called "Somewhere Else". It was a lot of fun to work with.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Since you've all been so kind, another of my just goofing off pages.
I don't know, it seems kinda' bright for me, even for Spring. If you can use it, enjoy!!!
Get it here: Link removed due to people with no manners
password is sprung

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Underwater Preview!

Here's a sneak peek at what PinkuPixie has in her store. Check here: or here

Surprise Freebie!

My little beach bunny! Password is: pink

I was just horsin' around with some new stuff and came up with this. Let me know what you think, but go easy on me, okay? This is my first attempt at doing stuff on my own. I can create with other people's stuff all day long, but this is a lot harder than I imagined. ROTFPIMP!!! BTW...I took this photo before I realized my lens was fogged up, I corrected it in Photo Shop, then decided I liked the dreamy quality the fog added.

Link removed due to people with no manners

Friday, March 7, 2008


Sorry, no freebie today. I have been just clobbered at work this week and have been too exhausted at night to do anything. The weather is really crummy here in East Texas. Wednesday the high was 75* and sunny. Today at 7:00 am it was 42*. By 8:00 it had dropped to 34* and was snowing! Now it is just drizzling rain. It's supposed to be like this all weekend, so I think I will snuggle up with my laptop and see what I can create! Check back Monday to see what I come up with. I have a new kit from PinkuPixie called "Underwater" that I am really excited about!



Thursday, March 6, 2008

Another Pixie Quickie!

Just a fast post today, I am swamped at work. Lilly just loves the stuffing out of her many babies! password is babydoll Here is the QP from the Baby Love LO. Enjoy!
Made with the mini kit "Love" from PinkuPixie.

removed due to people with no manners

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


To those that did take the time to post a comment, I thank YOU from the bottom of my heart. When someone takes the time to say thanks for something you gave them, it makes you want to create more. The simple fact that someone appreciates your contribution is an incentive to do more. I appreciate it more than you know. You can stop reading here. I know, I should have known. I download a lot myself, and I ALWAYS post some kind of comment and I am always amazed at the pitiful ratio of comments to downloads. But I still cannot believe the sheer quantity of people out there who were evidently raised without manners. Did your Momma not teach you anything? Fifty downloads of one page and seven thank yous? I mean, how much time does it take to just copy and paste a quick "TY"? That would be better than just grabbing and running. Lilly is just 18 months old, and SHE knows to say "Thank You" when someone GIVES her something. People spend a lot of time creating this stuff so you can preserve your memories, the least you can do is take two seconds during your download to acknowledge this. I suppose that I am getting a crash course in the digital scrapbooking world, and frankly, I am disgusted. The rampant piracy and lack of manners is pathetic. PinkuPixie had her private files hi-jacked from 4shared. Bunny Cates took a whole week off to deal with piracy issues. Kim Broedelet has had her files pirated, too. Do you rude people not realize that this behavior will bite you in the ass in the end? When all the freebies dry up and you have to purchase or do it yourself maybe then you will realize that a simple "Thanks" would have saved you a lot of money and time.
Rant over...
And BTW...for anyone that has a problem with this post, it's MY blog and I can say what I want.

New Quick Pages!

Okay... I finally got it together, so without further ado, here are two new Quick Pages for you! Both were made with freebie kits from "Mabelle" Santiago-Rubia. See all of her wonderful creations here
You can view my LO's with these in the previous post.

removed due to people with no manners
removed due to people with no manners
Feedback will be greatly appreciated. I'm very new to this blog thing, so I can use the help!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I stayed busy this weekend!

I didn't even get out of my pj's on Sunday! This is just a few of the LO's I made. I will be posting the rest and some more Quick Pages on Tuesday, so check back!
Lilly and one of her many baby dolls. Made with the mini Valentine kit from PinkuPixie.

Wyatt learns what happens when you take candy from a baby!
Red paper from My Digital Addiction
Ribbon by Kim Broedelet (CATW kit)
Boxes from Gisela @

Wyatt and Lilly may be six years apart, but they share the same silly face.
Paper from Celebr8 freebie by Mabelle.
Frame & title by me (Thanks to Atomic Cupcake!)

Another LO done with the Attic Box 2 freebie from Mabelle.

I will be posting the Quick Pages for these last two tomorrow. I thought I had put them on my laptop, but they are on the computer at home. Check back tomorrow!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Quick Pages!

QP made from the Granny Series freebies by Mabelle Santiago-Rubia.

Me and my Mom, circa 1958 using the Remember This QP Password is: mymom

removed due to people with no manners

This QP was made using freebies from Island Girl by Mabelle Santiago-Rubia.

LO of Wyatt using the "Leaves & Flutters" page Password is: flutters

removed due to people with no manners