Monday, April 7, 2008

Links are back up

I feel that I owe an apology to all the sweet ladies who are regulars here. It was never my intent to stop sharing with you. It was the ungrateful grab & run masses that got my panties in a wad! So, sorry for my hissy fit, and due to the requests and emails, I have reinstated the links. I suppose I need to really work on my temper. (Note to self: Do not blog when you are sick and feeling lousy).


Anonymous said...

Vicki thank you so much for reinstaing the links, I really appreciate it. I am very new to digi scrapbook and scrapbooking in general. I however am not new to graphics, being a web designer for 5 years. I know just how much time and effort and yourself goes into them. Once again than you.


Susie2shoes said...

Glad you are back to your 'bubbly' old self. Thank you so much for reinstating the links, I felt like someone had said Christmas had been cancelled!

Susie UK