Sunday, August 31, 2008


The new format of 4-shared sucks. To leave a comment, you have to scroll down. Please do so, or leave it here on the blog. (I really like that, then I know when you leave one). Since this is the only form of compensation that I receive, I do tend to look forward to the ego boost that your kind words provide. Be advised that if the comments stop, so will I. And yes, the date on this post is 2010, that is the only way I could figure out how to make it sticky on blogger. Okey Dokey, I think everyone has pretty much got the idea, I am gonna change the date to August 31, 2008. The dates are screwin' with my archiving. You would think a big outfit like Google could come up with a way to make a sticky post.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sand Monster

WooHoo! Two weekend posts in a row! Don't ya'll go gettin' used to this! It just seems like here lately I don't (as Kim B says) even have time to fart, and the weekend is the only time I can really relax and chat with ya'll. Now I don't want an uproar over my using this word (remember the turd word event?), but it is just TOO true. So if this word offends you, I extend my deepest apologies, but get real! I keep thinking I will get caught up, but it just ain't happenin'. Anyway, here is another page I made using the August Color Challenge kit. These are the photos that I created the sand paper for, it just took me a little while to get the LO together. Password is: sandy Since there has been such a favorable response to the arrow (made from Vicki20's doodle brushes), I left it on the QP.
Now on to address some misc. stuff.
To sylvia 92: I tested the download and didn't have a problem, sometimes 4shared is just quirky, if you continue to have a problem, you will have to supply me with your email in order for me to help you, it is not on your profile.
To date, I have left all my links up. If you find any that are broken, if you let me know, I will fix them.
I'm not even 'gonna tell the regulars to stop reading, 'cause I know you will read the whole danged thing. So here goes. I just have to tell ya'll, there is something I have been pondering. I check 4shared almost everyday. What is the deal that if a file is more than a few days old that makes people think that they don't need to acknowledge the fact that they downloaded the gift? Take for instance a file from July. It is pretty much downloaded everyday, in fact was downloaded yesterday, but the last comment left is dated July 20. Ya'll please enlighten me here just in case I missed out on something. If this continues, I will be forced to start making downloads available for a limited amount of time, and I really don't want to do this, as we are continually receiving new readers. So I guess the jist of it is, if you download a file, I don't care if it is two years old, you should still have the common courtesy to say thank-you.
And 'lest ya'll think that I am the only one that thinks along these lines, think again! Just hop right on over to and read her little rant. See, I am not the only that gets PO'ed about this, I am just the only one that rags on it on a continuing basis. I know I have said it till I'm blue in the face, but I'm 'gonna say it again, have the courtesy to say thank you to EVERY designer you download from. The two seconds that it takes you to post a simple "TY" can make a designers day! Okey Dokey, I'm climbing down off the soap box, for now! ROTFLPIMP!!!
If anyone is interested, I used Jokerman font for the title and just gave it a simple inner ridge emboss.

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txbubbles (aka Emily)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Leftovers Under Glass!

Ya'll should know by now how I tend to go overboard when I start making stuff! So here are the random bits and pieces leftover from the August Color kit, although when served under glass they look fresh. LOL!!! I made the doodle arrow and flower using Doodle brushes from Vicki @ Password is: excess Heck, it's a mini kit! I am gonna attempt to leave work a little early today, so maybe I'll just leave the chatty post for tomorrow.
Oh, one more thing. If you are new to the blog and find any broken links, please let me know. I have fixed them in the past, but evidently everytime 4shared does some kind of maintenance they manage to screw up some links.

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quick Post!

Just a fast one to let ya'll know that I am working with Vicki20's new kit which will be released on Monday. I do believe ya'll will be pleased! I will try to have a little something for ya'll tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

About a Boy QP

Today's LO is of my nephew Cory. He really enjoyed helping his Big Daddy (my Dad) in the veggie garden this year. This page was made with an older kit from Vicki called "About a Boy". This page is another one of those pretty simple ones, not a lot of stuff or foo-foo, (although I surely do miss my foo-foo, it's about time for a fix!) but I was extremely pleased with the way it turned out. Password will be: farmer Ya'll 'oughta know enough about me by now to say it in your sleep..."It's all about the pictures"!!! In my ever so humble opinion, everything about this page complements the photo. And to be honest, I threw this one together in about twenty minutes, with cutting out the stars taking up the majority of that time! A prime example of right photo, right kit! I just love it when things come together so easy!

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txbubbles (aka the Emily Post of the digi-scrap world)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Better Late Than Never! Fired Earth QP

I finally finished the LO from the "Fired Earth" kit by Vicki @ Hop on over to her blog and check out the newest offering. She has a collab going with Mel, (no...not Mel the secretary! Mel the designer!) It's called Cafe del Mar and has a beach/music theme. It looks like it's gonna be lots of fun! Tell her I sent ya and be sure to leave some love if you download.
The frames that I used are not a part of this kit. You may notice the QP is a little different from my LO. I placed that big star in this position because there were dismembered looking legs showing under the table and I wanted to cover them up! The QP is really a much better balanced design, but those legs hanging out there were just strange looking! That's one of the reasons it took me so long to finish this LO, I really wanted to use the shot of the race board and couldn't figure out how to deal with the chopped off legs. Password is: race Oh, one other thing, the ribbon I used is from the Earth Tones kit, the beautiful ribbon in Fired Earth wouldn't work for the weaving, and I just had to do that with the wire netting.

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txbubbles (aka the Emily Post of the digital scrap-booking world)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Belly Buttons & Blue Jeans

Todays LO features Ms. Lillybug showing off her belly button. I used the "Blue Jeans" kit from Vicki @ I love the colors in this one! When I made the QP, I made two versions. If you can use the one with the arrow, be my guest! But I figured one a little less photo specific would probably be better for most of ya'll. Password is: button Be sure to pop on over and pick up the full kit so you can add your own embellies! Oh, and before I forget, there is a little tip I've been meaning to pass on. You know how no matter what color you use for your journaling it always looks kinda' harsh? Well, I discovered the solution! Get on over and see Sonia @ and pick up her fabulous "Pen Pressure" style. I've been using it for a while now and really love the look! Be sure to leave her some love if you download!

Robin left a question on 4shared, wanting to know how I got started. I paper scrapped for many, many years, so I already knew quite a bit about page design. I was spending a couple of hundred bucks every month at Hobby Lobby. I had noticed references to digital scrapping in Creating Keepsakes, so in May of 2006 I took the plunge and went digital, mainly as a way to save some dough. I looked up a few tutorials on the net and started making pages. I have to admit, some of the first ones were pretty embarrassing. That's the great thing about digital though, if you screw it up you just start over and you never run out of supplies! In February of this year I answered a CT call, and had to start a blog. This place was pretty pathetic looking at first! So, I guess the short answer is that I taught myself. You can do it, too. Play, play, PLAY!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ice Cream 2

Well, well, well...told 'ya I might have a surprise post! For those that are interested, I did post the drippy Wyatt LO. Check the previous post to see my inspiration. He is SOOO funny!
Okey dokey, everything is set here (door locked, koozie filled, fan on, smoke lit, etc.) and I'm ready to ramble.
This LO features Ms. Lil chowing down on her Daddy's fudge bomb. Talk about double dipping, honey, this girl has it down pat! When I pulled up this pic to scrap it, I almost cried, she is just so tiny here, not the big girl she is now, but let me tell you, she can still snag the ice cream with the best of 'em! (That's my girl, go for the chocolate!) Password will be: share Now, I realize that you may not have a drippy ice cream pic, (if you do, fantastic! just plop it in) but if not, you can scraplift the LO! Everything here is included in the August Color Challenge kit. Use the plain frame and simple emboss the swirly border and you will have the same look, minus the drips! Easy peasy! Almost, but not quite as easy as a QP, but still helping you to get your scrapping done in record time!

If anyone is interested, Vicki has decided to put together a CT. If you would like a chance to be a part of this amazing designer's team, just download the Blue Jeans kit and submit a LO along with links to your gallery(s) per her instructions. This girl is definitely going places and I am proud to be the first member of her team! I have my LO and QP done for the Blue Jeans kit, I have posted the LO to her slide show if ya'll want a sneak peek, but I am saving the QP for Monday. Believe it or not, this is really hard for me, when I get a page done, I can hardly wait to put it up here and see what ya'll think.

Last, but certainly not least, I have to give ya'll an update regarding the thank you/manners post. This post was by no means directed at my regular readers. Ya'll always have something to say, and I cherish every comment. I am blessed to have such a wonderful group of women come here everyday and share their lives with me. As I've said before, it just gives me a real case of the red-ass when I go to download from other designers and the ratio of comments to downloads is squat! So, to make a long story short, I decided to get up on my soap box once again and attempt to give a wake up call to the grab & runs. If you do not have the common courtesy to say "thanks" and acknowledge the gift that you have received, one day soon the quality freebies will dry up and you will be forced to either make it yourself, buy it or make do with crap.
Allrighty, I am officially climbing down from the soap box now, I appreciate you all and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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txbubbles (trying to improve the digi-scrapping world one thank you at a time)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ice Cream

Just a quickie this morning, I wanted to post this LO for ya'll. Friday is a busy day for me, (HA! what day isn't?) but maybe I'll have more time this afternoon. Password is: drip If not, then look for a ramble tomorrow. Yep, maybe we'll have one of those rare weekend posts!
I am SOOO pissed at myself! Evidently when I was grabbing the flash drive this morning I forgot that I hadn't sent the LO to it. The pic of Wyatt is what inspired the whole drip frame. Well, I'll just have to upload it tomorrow. I left this as a simple page that you can use as is or junk it up if you like. Enjoy!
Updated! Now you can see why I was inspired by the drip!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The August Stuff

I'm gonna go ahead and post the "stuff" today. There a couple of things I am still working on, if they turn out okay we'll just have an add-on. There are three sets of brackets, two swirly cut-out borders, a beaded chain, notepaper, brad and a bracket frame with mat.
I do believe that the password today will be: thanks Ya'll enjoy and have fun!

Just to clarify something from the previous post, I prefer to have my comments from ya'll on the blog, but if you want to leave them on 4shared, that's just fine. My main point was that it is so easy and fast to leave a comment of some type, there is no excuse not to do it for every designer you download from.

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Till tomorrow,
txbubbles (trying to improve the digi-scrap world one thank you at a time)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August Frames

Whew! I finally have time to write a little bit. To recap the past weekend, I tried to work on some of my projects Saturday morning, but when I found myself just dragging stuff around on the page I decided to quit and answer the call of those danged ole slot machines. BAD IDEA!!!

I shut 'em up allright, no jackpot, no T-shirt, no toaster, no nothin'. Suffice it to say, I would have been a whole lot better off staying home and creating crappy pages. The only thing I accomplished was doing my part to support the Louisiana economy for the month of August. ROTFLPIMP!!! I don't think I will go back till September, then I will have to do my birthday thing.

There is one issue I would like to address...for quite a while, we have had our own little group here at Babbles and things have been rolling along just fine. My blog averages 35-40% of comments to downloads, which is WAY more than most. I thank my regulars for this. It's because we have this special group of women that are so terrific! Ya'll think like me, (or at least respect my right to think and say what I want) and most importantly, you remember the manners that your Momma taught you. But here lately I have noticed that we are picking up more and more "grab & run" people. If you are a long time reader, you can stop reading here. If you are new to my blog, coming here through a link from another blog, you need to know this. I was born & raised in the South and I place a very great importance on manners. Lilly is not even two yet, but she knows to say thank you when someone GIVES her something. I prefer to have them here on the blog, but I'll take what I can get! It doesn't take 10 seconds to post a simple "TY" on 4shared while you are waiting for the download link. Hit download, scroll down, type TY in the box, and then go up & download. Not just for me, for EVERYONE you download from. It really burns my butt when I download from some of my fave places and there are 500 downloads and ten comments. So, take a few seconds out of your busy day and make a designer happy! OkeyDokey, rant over. Regulars start reading again here. (Ya'll read it all, didn't you?) LOL!!!

Now on to the frames! This month I have two different styles for you. First is the popsicle stick, plain or wrapped with drips. Password is: thank you Then there is the polaroid, plain or wrapped with rubber bands. I threw in two worn paper frames that are not shown in my crappy preview. I have some of the "stuff" ready, but there are one or two things I am gonna try to complete tonight. I'm just happy I will actually have it finished before the end of the month!
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Till tomorrow,
txbubbles (trying to improve the digi-scrap world one thank you at a time)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August Color Challenge Papers

I wanted to go ahead and get the papers posted this morning, no time for a chat right now. The sand paper really doesn't go with the swatch, but I made it for a beach page I'm working on and it does coordinate with the others, so I threw it in. Password is: woody The inked notebook paper does have blue lines, so technically it's a match! LOL!!!
I want to thank and for the I Love Your Blog award.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Oodles of Doodles

I am desperately trying to catch up! This LO is from vicki20's kit "Oodles of Doodles". She already has a new one out called "Fired Earth", so I really need to get my butt in gear! See all of her wonderful creations here: Be sure to leave some love and tell her I sent you.
I can tell right now it's gonna be another one of those Frantic Fridays, so I am posting early. Password is: splash No telling what the weekend holds, I know what I should do, but that don't mean it's gonna happen! LMAO!!! My Girl wants to make a Sam's Club run, but I just realized this is the tax free weekend, so there is no way in hell I'm going NEAR that place. I don't think I have enough bail money to even attempt it! Them danged ole slot machines have been callin' my name, and they are gettin' louder and louder. Maybe I'll just have to shut them up! LOL!!!
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Have a terrific weekend!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

For Ya'll...Just Because!

I finally got around to making this LO into a QP for you. This page was created using Kim Broedelet's newest kit "Just Because". You can find it here: I love this kit! It's really versatile and has some unusual embellies. Love that chicken wire! If you pick up this fab kit, try weaving the ribbon through the wire, I did that on one of my LO's and it looks terrific. Password is: chicken Big hugs and special thanks to Kimbob for giving me permission to make one QP per kit!
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Basic Brackets (two-fer-Tuesday is back!)

Pat requested the brackets in more basic colors, so I whupped up a few for ya'll! To save time, I just made one of each, I figure ya'll can flip 'em 180*. If for some reason this doesn't work, let me know and I will make them in pairs from now on. Password is: primary I plan to work on creating some acrylic looking frames to go with them, maybe I'll take that high priced CS3 for a spin and see what I can come up with! This nifty little pine box is from Deb over at The Scrappin Cop Go check out her blog, she pretty much offers a gift every day, while you're there be sure to leave some love and tell her I sent 'ya. If she keeps coming up with terrific stuff like this, we won't be able to make fun of my previews anymore! ROTFLMAO!!! I'm sure we can find something else to keep us entertained!
#2 Gift for today: LINK EXPIRED Remember?

My Girl

Shawna took this self portrait, and I just love it! This is the photo that I wanted to scrap, but couldn't seem to find any paper that coordinated. So I made a couple of papers, then needed some stuff, and you know how it goes! LOL!!! If I don't already have a clear plan of action, I just start makin' stuff and trying it on the page. Password is: beauty Now I need to start on the August Color challenge, it's shades of blue, so I think I will take it in more of a guy direction. I know lots of ya'll will not mind that a bit!

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Monday, August 11, 2008

A Little Update for Ya!

We made a lot of progress this weekend! The house is about 50% packed up, we ran out of boxes late on Saturday and the liquor store didn't have anymore. People of are falling down on the job and not doing your part to supply those of us in need of boxes!!! Get to drinkin', will 'ya?
While cleaning out the attic, we discovered the original 8mm projector and screen. What a find! I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would have to just have everything put on DVD and try to edit it after the fact. (And we all know I suck at that!) Now at least we can preview all of the old movies and take out the REALLY terrible stuff!
Of course, with everything that I had to do this weekend, I didn't really get much scrapping done, but I did piddle around with some stuff late last night. Since the shiny epoxy brackets seem to be a hit, and there has been a request for them in different colors, that is my current project. Tune in tomorrow, same Bat channel! (Boy, am I showing my age with that! ROTFLPIMP!!!)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mango Stuff

I finally got it done! Password is: tropic No time to chat today. We are busy, busy, busy. I need to start working on the August Color Challenge, and there has been a request for some neutral colors. Let me know what kind of neutral we are talkin' about and I will work on it! In the mean time, have fun!
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Friday, August 8, 2008

Another YeeHaw Friday!

I am actually taking a partial day off today! I plan to leave the office around 10:00 AM, go meet Matt the Brat, My Girl Shawna, Sugar Pie Wyatt and Lilly Bug at their house and we are taking off to go see Mom & Dad. I would really like to get some fishing in on Lake Conroe, but we will probably spend most of our time cleaning out Memaw's house. It has already been sold, which is a good thing, but there is just so much to move! There are boxes upon boxes upon BOXES of photos and old 8mm movies that I will be picking up. Thank goodness UPS brought my new CanoScan LiDE 600F today! When it comes to scanners, I don't think there is anything better than a Canon. I have had mine for 7 years, there is nothing wrong with it, it is still going strong, but I am way past the point of needing one that scans negatives. I will be passing Old Faithful down to Mom, since her all in one decided to not be an all in one anymore. It prints, it copies, but it has decided that scanning is not in it's repertoire. (Oohwee, look at me using them big words!)

Now, a little ramble about Photoshop CS3. Here's what's happened so far. I downloaded & installed it, took a little look around, then went and opened up PSE5 to finish up what I needed to do. As I've said, I know I can learn it with no problem, I'm just not sure if I need to. Being a person of the accounting persuasion, I have to be able to justify the cost. Is there anybody out there that can tell me in simple terms why it would be better for me than PSE 5. So far, all I know is that you can write actions with it, hell, I don't need to do that, I buy all mine from Atomic Cupcake! ROTFLPIMP!!!

Denise had an interesting question. She would like to know if I prefer comments on 4shared or here on the blog. Well, I am just thankful for everything that ya'll are kind enough to say, where ever it may be, but if I had to choose, I prefer them here on the blog. Here is the main reason why. When your 4shared account starts to get close to it's limit and you have to remove older files to make room for your new stuff, you also lose all of the kind, funny, sweet and witty comments that your readers have left for you. The ones left here on the blog are here forever.

I know if you have read this far, you are wondering where the rest of Mango Daiquiri is! I intend to put the finishing touches on and pack it up during the long ride today and upload it either tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

More Mango

Today I have the brackets for ya'll. There are five sets and they all have an shiny epoxy look. These were really fun to make! I got sorta distracted last night, I have downloaded the trial version of CS3. I figure I can handle the learning curve, it's the $650.00 price tag that I have a problem with! I have thirty days to find out why a piece of software could ever be worth that kinda cash and if it's for me. Password is: tropic What do you think about today's preview? Big improvement over my usual, huh? This glass dome is courtesy of Deb over at She has tons of freebies, check out her blog.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mango Daiquiri, anyone?

Well, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the way things have been going, it's probably a freight train. LOL! Not a whole lotta time to chat today, but I did want to give ya'll
a little something. I call this "Mango Daiquiri". This is another one of those that got started when I needed something to coordinate with a photo and then it kinda took on a life of it's own! It's not a huge kit, but I think you will be pleased. I was experimenting with some of my new toys and came up with some pretty cool "stuff". Password is: tropic Today you get the papers, I am going to try to get the frames finished tonight and pack up the "stuff".

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Lilly Bug

This LO was made with the "Lucky Buggy Lady" kit from Janni Lilly was only 6 weeks old for her first Halloween.
She was so adorable in her ladybug costume. It had wings, too! It was then that she was dubbed "Lilly Bug", and it stuck. Password is: binky
I had a relaxing weekend and did manage to get a some scrapping done. I had a blast with the "Just Because" kit, and I also finally had a chance to play around with some of the new actions from Atomic Cupcake. I have some way cool "stuff" in the works!
It's too hot to do anything else. We are into triple digits every day now, with no relief in sight.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just Because!

Allrighty! Here are some LO's that I have come up with using Kim's new kit "Just Because". I just LOVE this kit! As I said before, the chicken wire is just SOOO Texas! LOL!!

I do believe this is gonna be another of those "go to" kits. Grab it now! Ya'll do remember that I am allowed to do one QP from each of Kim's kits, don't ya? Vote on your fave! I betcha' I already know which one it is!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yeehaw! It's Finally Friday!

It's Miller Time! (None for you, Rena, after that wild spree we had the other day. You're a BAD influence!) Do you need any more aspirin? Note to NOT try to upload shots of tequila! ROTFLPIMP!!!
Door locked...check! Cold one in the koozie...check! Fart fan on...check! Smoke in the ashtray...check! Finally have time to chat with girlfriends...double check!

I am so ready to have a veg-out weekend! July is OVER! I worked fast and furious yesterday and today, you can actually see wood on my desk. I had forgotten what it looked like! When I finally cleared off a spot, I shouted out "WooHoo, I see wood!" Mel the secretary just gave me this weird look like I had finally went off the deep end and said "Okey Dokey, if you're happy, I'm happy for 'ya." Lordy me, I love that girl! I don't know what I would do without her.

I have tons of new stuff to play with, I grabbed Kim Broedelet's brand new kit yesterday, "Just Because". I had a blast with it last night, I finished one LO and have two other partials. It is a very fun kit and so easy to create with! The pages were just flying together. Check it out! It's even on sale for a limited time. I have the newest kit from Janni , it's all about Ladybugs, and since Lilly is my little Lilly Bug, I see a lot of possibilties here! There are also all the new actions from Atomic Cupcake that I haven't had time to experiment with, so I am looking forward to a very productive weekend.

My new bud Vicki sent me this award. It is called "The Wylde Women" award (that just sounds SOOO cool!)
Introducing the Wylde Women Award to give to your favorite Wylde Woman blogger. Here are the rules:
1. You can give it to one or one hundred or any number inbetween - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.
2. Link back to this blogsite (http:// (so I can go visit all these wonderful women.
Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgement to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.
Thank you so much, Vicki! I am going to take a little time to make a list of who I want to pass the award on to. There are so many 'Wylde' women out there who make everyday special for me.

Tammy's blog is amazing, go have a look around.

Oh, before I forget, I wanted to show you a preview to Kim's new kit so you can get an idea of what I am so excited about! ( The chicken wire is just SO Texas!) Hope ya'll have a super weekend, stay tuned to Bubbles Babbles, I see great things coming!
I just realized that I should NEVER put one of Kim's previews anywhere near mine. It really does accentuate the fugliness of my crappy previews! LOL!