Friday, April 18, 2008

Do Dat Sausage

Allright, Rena...this one's for you, since you asked pretty please! I asked Aneta (Sweetmade) for permission to post this as a QP, and she very graciously granted permission for this ONE page. HA!HA!HA! Now Rena is in my debt forever! (Nah...not really, it wasn't THAT much trouble, just give me your firstborn and we'll call it even! ROTFLPIMP!!!) Seriously, she doesn't grant permission often, so this is really special! This is a LO I made of Lilly at her first Do Dat. She had a sausage in EACH hand! This girl can chow down on some sausage! Password is: napkin I used the fabulous kit "LaBodega" created by Sweetmade. This kit is cram packed with cool stuff to stack up on your pages! Very versatile, and it works great for guy pages, too. Get it here: Be sure to check out the add-on, too. There is enough stuff in here to create a whole album. This is one of my favorites. Definitely on the Bubbles greatest kits list! While you are there, check out the "Gingerbread Lane" kit. I made a Thanksgiving and a Christmas album with it! Another one of the all time greats! I love how the blue check paper in the lower right corner looks like a napkin, and believe me, mass quantities of napkins were needed at this point! LOL!!!
Here it be: Link Expired Remember your manners!
Now go have fun, and scrap something!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU so much Vicki, I LOVE IT! I really appreciate you going above and beyond to get permission to allow this page, I have to say, its at the top of ANY downloads I have ever found!
I am going to search my photos today for the PERFECT photo, for the PERFECT page!
MUCH APPRECIATED! I love starting my day with your site...

Lori said...

What's a 'Do Dat'?
This is a great kit...I'm gonna have to follow that link.

Sue said...

YAY! YAY! This link worked. I'm so glad. I have 3 boys, so this page will be perfect! Thank you very much.

eilajean said...

this is one of my very favorites. REALLY BEAUTIFUL! Thank you! You Rock!!!