Friday, October 31, 2008


The new format of 4-shared sucks. To leave a comment, you have to scroll down. Please do so, or leave it here on the blog. (I really like that, then I know when you leave one). Since this is the only form of compensation that I receive, I do tend to look forward to the ego boost that your kind words provide. I really wish someone would fill me in on why if a file that you are downloading is more than a day or two old that you don't feel the need to acknowledge the fact that you have received a gift. This is the reason that download links will be expiring on my blog. I don't care if the file is two minutes or two years old, people should have the courtesy to say thank you, not just to me, but from any designer that you download from! A few words go a long way towards making a designer's day!
txbubbles (aka the Emily Post of the digital scrapbooking world)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just a Little Update

Busy, busy, busy!!! It's getting down to crunch time on the third quarter, so things are a little hairy around here. I have a couple of things in the works, and I just got KimB's big 'ole fabulous commercial grab bag today, and new actions from Atomic Cupcake, so I will have plenty of stuff to keep me busy. For the immediate future, everything about my blog will stay the same. The ids are still leaving anonymous comments on 4shared, but now they are using different names and being really sappy and snarky. For the time being, I am doing as so many suggested and just deleting them and going on. I think that we will just try to get over this nasty little event and go on about our business. Maybe the idiots will just get tired and go away. I can only hope. LOL!!! The enrolling on Google won't work because it is limited to 100 readers and I won't leave any of my sweet regular readers with their nose pressed up against the glass! I really don't want to go the subscription route, because that would mean more work for me, and I have also decided that I shouldn't let a few incredibly stupid people dictate the way I manage my blog. Just to make it clear, if I do decide to go subscription, there will be no charge, I never intended to make money from this, I don't need it, and that would make it seem too much like a job! I already have a job that I can barely keep up with! I have compiled a list of everyone that would subscribe if it comes down to that, and I will post an official notice if I do decide to go in that direction. Ya'll have a good night.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

October QP

Today for your scrapping pleasure I have a page I created with the October Color kit. The only thing that is not included in the kit is the chicky charm (and wide eyed Lilly, of course!) Ya'll should know me by now, I always end up with stuff after the fact! I made the charm using a really cool new action from Deb @ She has a lot of terrific stuff on her blog, pop on over a take a look around. Be sure to tell her I sent 'ya, and leave some love if you download. Password is: chick I have scrapped this photo before, but I just couldn't resist using it again. The wide eyed look of innocence on Lilly's face combined with the incriminating cake crumbs just cracks me up everytime I see it.

Todays gift: expired
What do we say?

Monday, October 27, 2008

Putting on the Glitz

Well, The Temptations were FABULOUS!!! I was right in front of the stage and got to shake hands with every member! How cool is that?!?!?! Needless to say, I was very hoarse yesterday from all of the singing and woo-hooing! LOL!!! I did take pictures, but they are on Mom's camera and I didn't have my laptop with me, so it will probably be next week before I can post some.
Now for Vicki's new kit, "Putting on the Glitz". This is a collab kit with fellow CT members Mel and Charlie. Visit each one's blog everyday this week to collect the whole thing. Be sure to leave them some love! Password is: fun 4shared has been a real booger this morning, but I finally got it uploaded! Enjoy!
Todays gift: expired

Friday, October 24, 2008


I am so glad that Friday is finally here! I am going to try to get out of here early for a change, so I can go home and pack my bag. I am taking my Mom to go see the Temptations this weekend! My tickets are supposed to be somewhere in the first three rows, so it should be awesome! Yep, you can bet that I will be singing "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" and "My Girl" at the top of my lungs!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! See ya'll Monday.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

• Posted by lulabell&wafers
Oct 22, 2008 10:39:35 PM
Vicki, you say you place a great value on manners, but your negative attitude & nasty mouth says otherwise. Never have I visited such an unfriendly blog as yours! It doesn't sound like your having fun at all, now does it? There are a lot more appreciative designers out there. Guess's not all about you!! Shame on you!!!

To: lulabell&wafers
I only get a bad attitude when people such as you post crap like this. If you think I have a nasty mouth, you must have been raised in a convent. I don't recall inviting you to my blog, and if you perceive it as unfriendly, maybe you won't be back. I can't understand what a designer would have to appreciate from ungrateful grab and run people such as you. I have plenty of fun till I have to put up with such self-important, everyone owes me something idiots such as you. And yes, it IS all about me. This is MY blog and these are MY designs. And one last thing, YOU are the one that should be ashamed. You downloaded my stuff , insulted me, and still didn't say thank you.

What is this? Bash Vicki week? I haven't had such a problem with this crap till some people started posting my blog on "freebie" sites without my permission. We had our own little special group of regulars here and that is exactly how I like it. I don't want my blog to be one that gets thousands of hits. My blog is NOT a freebie site. It is my little place on the web to say what I want about whatever subject I choose, and to share some of my creations with friends.

If I go to subscription on Blogger, it is limited to 100 readers, and you must have a Google identity. Another option is to have a monthly password for the readers that ask to be a part of my group, kind of like JanniDee, but I won't charge a fee.

I will ponder this, and my friends are welcome to let me know what they would prefer.
Don't PANIC! None of ya'll regulars are gonna miss anything! I so look forward to what you have to say everyday, and I do appreciate each and every one of you. This is just to stop the anonymous BS from the grab & runs.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tiresome? Don't Have Time? WTH?

• Posted by junoBBC
Oct 22, 2008 9:04:35 AM
Saying thank you seems to many like an easy thing to do. Yet sometimes, as in the case of the huge amount of digital freebies offered, saying it repeatedly can be quite tiresome. However, it doesn't mean we aren't appreciative of what is offered. Being encouraged to say thank you should not be commanded nor drawn by guilt; it should come freely. Only then will it be appreciated for its full value. I am always thankful for the beautiful gifts offered, but do not always have the time to "say" than...

To: junoBBC
Let me tell you about tiresome. Work for ten hours on the computer at work, then go home and spend a few hours more on the computer to create digital scrapbooking stuff. I go to the extra expense and take the extra TIME involved to offer my creations as gifts. To be honest, I do not have the TIME to do this, and I don't HAVE to do this, but I FIND the time and DO share. I do not think that I am being unreasonable in expecting just a 2 second "TY" as an acknowledgement for my TIME & MONEY that I spend so you don't have to.
How do I know you are thankful and appreciative if you can't take the TIME to SAY something.
And another thing, don't tell me how to post on my blog. This is MY blog. You post your way on your own blog.
I am seriously considering taking my blog to subscription only to stop this kind of crap.
Do NOT jack with The Bubbles. If you don't like it around here, don't let the door hit you in your ass on the way out. Go take your precious TIME and make your own stuff.

October Stuff

Well, the months not over and I have the Stuff done already! LOL!!! As I said earlier, I decided to go in a doodly direction this time. I made the swirlys in felt for 'ya, but I also included just the doodles in the download. Password is: doodle Oh, and I finally found the commercial version of the CHICKEN WIRE!!! Yee-haw! Of course I had to use it to go with the cute little chickie! I did it up with chipped paint, and even wove a string through one version for ya'll. As usual, I left most of the stuff on the large side, that way you can scale it however you desire without loss of quality. I just couldn't bring myself to use much of the purple, I'm not a purpley person.

Todays gift: expired
What do we say?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hearts & Flowers

A day late, that seems to be the story of my life here lately! Here's my LO from Vicki's newest creation "Hearts & Flowers". Find it here I really liked the crayoned flowers and couldn't help myself, I just had to layer them up! Password is: bright

Todays gift: expired
What do we say?

Monday, October 20, 2008

And Another Award!

Gosh, I feel so special, two awards in one day! This one was presented to me by my dear cyber-friend Susie2shoes @ I have to tell ya'll 6 things I love and then pass it on.

I love:
1. My family 2. Scuba diving 3. Scrapbooking
4. The beach 5. The Eagles (Glenn in particular) 6. Travel

Lori ( not a scrapping blog, but boy is she interesting and creative in her posts. ROTFL!!!)

Deb (an amazing creative designer)

Nani (another great designer with interesting stories posted, a great read)

Eilajean (breath-taking photography and just getting her feet wet in the blogging world)

I know this is only four, but some of the ones I would nominate have already received it.
I should be posting my page for Hearts & Flowers tomorrow, I am such a doofus, I left the flash drive with it at home today. If I ever get DSL in the extremely rural area that I live in, that would solve these types of problems. I mean, why spend an hour or more trying to upload on sucky dial-up when you can save to the flash and mooch the DSL @ work? ROTFLPIMP!!! Except when you neglect to disconnect the flash from the laptop and bring it with you!

A Special Award

I have received a very special award from eilajean @ She created this award herself, and I am so honored to be a recipient. Thank you so much! I love my Yellow Rose of Texas!

Friday, October 17, 2008

October Papers

Today for your scrapping pleasure I have the papers for the October Color Challenge. Kim came up with a great swatch this month, not at all what you think of being "October" colors. I decided to go in a watercolor direction with the papers, the stuff is going to be doodly. Password is: soft Oh, and someone said they saw my things on SuzyQ's. Huh? I have Google alerts and this is the first I have heard about this, anyone have more info? I don't know who SuzyQ is or why she would be sharing my stuff. Once again the fabulous Deb @ is saving you from my usual sucky previews with her wonderful jar collection!
Today's gift: expired
What do we say?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stuff Link & recipes

Natalie, I downloaded with no problem, if you still can't, shoot me a bubblemail @ and I will see what I can do. Your email is not in your profile.
I think I sent everyone that had requested them the barbeque recipes. If I missed you, please send me an email and I will share them with you.

More Halloweenies

Well, I restrained myself and didn't end up with too much extra stuff this time. Password is: more Now I have to get started on the October Color Challenge! Sorry about the short post today, but I am still trying to catch up from last week so I can get to work on the quarterly reports.

Todays gift: expired

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweet Dreams QP

Better late than never! This page is Sweetie Pie Wyatt all dressed up in his brand new Cub Scout uniform. He is SOOO proud! This LO was created using "Sweet Dreams" by Vicki @ This is a really versatile kit, run right over and collect all the pieces this week. Password is: grin I have not forgotten about the recipe requests, I hope to get them out this week.
Todays gift: Expired
What do we say?

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloweenies Stuff!

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! That's right, fellow scrappers, a rare weekend post just for ya'll!
Today I have for your scrapping pleasure the Halloweenies Stuff. Some of the items are done in both the felt & epoxy styles. The green frames are made with the Doodle Frames brush by Deb @ They turned out to be a perfect match for the monster word art! I was really pleased when I discovered this, it was just too cool! Password is: tooth Once again I got carried away and made more stuff after I had packed up this file and made the sucky preview, so look for an add-on later.

Boy howdy, am I glad this work week is over! After spending approximately twenty (yes, TWENTY) hours on the phone this week with semi-English speaking tech (and I use that term loosely) people in India, I finally have the worst of my Intuit no quality check before release problems solved. AND...I did it without them! Evidently, after working with Quickbooks for eleven years I know more about their product than their so called tech support. I had to tell product & development how to solve the problem! And did they offer any discount on the $5000.00 price tag for this pitiful excuse of an upgrade? NO, NO, NO!!! How's that for customer appreciation? And the worst part is...they charge you an additional $159.00 for this lousy New Delhi support. But they've got you by the ying-yang and they know it, if you work in accounting you have to do it. Okay, anti-Intuit rant over, I am off to the deer lease to see Mom, Dad, Steve, Bev, Bugs and Sammy (Steve & Bev's other 4-legged child).

Today's gift: Expired
What do we say?
Vicki (who is "Free at last, free at last!)

Friday, October 10, 2008


Okay...even though I have spent 59 hours at the store this week, (due to Intuit's neglect in checking their software for bugs before releasing it, believe me when I say I have a new definition for POS, and it ain't nice! ROTFLPIMP!!!) I am going to stay and upload the Halloweenies papers and word art for ya'll, just 'cause I love ya'll so much! I started making the monster word art for one of my pages and it was so cool I wanted to share it. I made it from the CK font "Monsters". After looking at the license, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to share it, but upon very careful inspection, it says that you cannot use a derivative product for financial gain, and since I am giving it as a gift, it should be fine. Password is: scary These are probably my crappiest previews ever, but hey, cut me some slack, I've had a very bad week. LOL!
I did 'em up in both felt and the shiny epoxy (except for the orange Boo, it just wouldn't work).
The stuff should be coming Monday, I just have to get the sucky preview done.
I want to say thanks to all ya'll for the congratulations you sent my way regarding my fabulous barbeque wins, and let you know that I will be emailing the recipe requests next week (unless I have another meltdown, I still have to upgrade my QB Financial). Everybody say it with me now, "DAMN YOU, QUICKBOOKS"!!!
Gifts for today: Expired
And what do we say?

Vicki (who is fixin' to go drink margaritas straight from the blender pitcher!)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Sorry, ya'll, I am having a total computer software meltdown at both stores, so it may be a day or two before I have the time to upload the Halloween kit. I had started typing up the recipes to email out when everything went to hell in a handbasket. I won't forget to finish it up though! Just hang tight!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The New Barbeque Queen of Nacogdoches

Yes, this past weekend was very good to me. Going into it, I was so exhausted I really couldn't get excited about it, and I was running so late getting things ready that I was at Hellmart @ 3:30 Friday afternoon picking up last minute stuff. (Not the meat though, I won't buy meat there). I finally made it to the Texas Thunder Harley Davidson shop about 5:00 to start getting set up. I got everything to marinating and then couldn't help but participate in the party for a little while (okay, it was really more like midnight before I left)! ROTFLPIMP!!! I overslept and was thirty minutes late getting my meat on the pit Saturday morning. It looked like a disaster just waiting to happen. Well, I decided at this point that my life has enough stress, and this event was supposed to be FUN, so I just mixed up a Bloody Mary and decided to roll with the flow. If it's cooked in time for the judging , FINE, if not, well...I will just have to learn from this and mind my P's & Q's next year! LOL! Good thinking Bubs, 'cause everything just started to smooth out. Attitude IS everything! We ended up giving away for the public consumption 8 briskets, 15 slabs of pork ribs, 80 lbs. of chicken and 15 lbs. of sausage. Now, do 'ya wanna hear the bad stuff? Okay, I had turned in my meat for the judging, and stuck some back for later. Around 3:00 we were running out of give away meat and SOMEONE served what I had saved back! That's RIGHT, I didn't even get a taste of my prize winning barbeque! What a pisser! But at this point I have sucked up so much smoke that I really didn't think much of it, I was SICK of barbeque! It wasn't till Sunday afternoon that I realized that I had totally missed out. Another lesson learned...hide it, hide it, hide it good! LOL!!!

And to answer the questions about my recipes, I will share, you just have to pinky swear that you do not compete in any Barbeque cookoffs in the Pineywoods of East Texas! Ranoe, send me a Bubbles mail and I will share the secret! ROTFLPIMP!!! Your email is not on your profile, and I will not go so far as to post my secrets here!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Breakfast at Tiffanys QP

Woo-Hoo for the Foo-Foo!!!! Today Vicki @ starts the release of Breakfast at Tiffanys. I've been in need of a foo-foo fix for quite a while now, and this fab kit filled the bill quite nicely! This one is a must have, so hop on over to her blog every day this week to get the whole thing. Tell her I sent 'ya, and be sure to leave some love! Password is: beauty

In other news, I won First Place Pork, First Place Chicken and Third Place Beef at the Harley Davidson Cook-Off Saturday! I will try and get some photos up tomorrow.

Todays gift:

Vicki (aka The BBQ Queen)

Friday, October 3, 2008

A Little Different

This page is different in several ways. Of course, there's the obvious, it's just a QP without my usual corresponding LO. Ya'll know that I always (until now!) start with the photo(s). Well, I have been working on a little Halloween kit for 'ya, and I started to pull stuff into a blank file to do a QC, and lo and just became a page! Password is: boo It was so late, I didn't want to go looking for photos and decided to just go ahead and post it for ya'll today. I made the ghost and the boo title using doodle brushes from the October Mega @
I probaby won't get any scrapping done this weekend, the Harley Davidson Barbeque Cook-Off is tomorrow and I am taking off early today to get everything ready. Wish me luck!

Oh, and one more thing! Be sure to tune in Monday around 11:30 AM, because Vicki @ begins the release of "Breakfast at Tiffany's". This kit is FABULOUS! I had so much fun playing with it. Although ya'll will have to wait till Monday to see it, I'm 'gonna leave you with one!

Today's gift: txbubbles-Halloween

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Regarding the Incredibly Rude Idiot

My MAIN point is and has always been; it's all about common courtesy. My momma taught me to always say thank you, and also that if you can't say anything nice, then maybe you shouldn't say anything at all. Well, when I am attacked, I'm going to say what it takes, and it's not going to be nice. I spend a lot of money buying commercial use items and design tools, then spend untold amounts of time creating this stuff. I could just create for myself, then post my LO's to show what I've done. But no...I spend the extra money to buy commercial use so that I can give my creations as gifts. I enjoy being able to help others with their digi-scrapping, and I am so very fortunate to have the resources and ability to do so. This anonymous coward is probably so talentless and non-creative that she is extremely jealous of anyone who is better than her. She can just go crawl back under her rock and spew her venom there, if she has any friends (and I doubt it) maybe they will listen to her pathetic whining and look at her crappy scrapbook.

So, am I a rude and a not very nice person to expect something so simple as a "thank you" for my efforts? I don't think so, and 99.9% of my readers don't either.

Big 'Ole Texas Hug for the 99.9% of my loyal readers (and a one fingered wave to the idiot)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Take a look at this

• Posted by It is rude not to le...
Oct 1, 2008 11:29:51 AM
but it is also rude to demand one the way you have it worded on your blog, yes i know it`s your blog(who cares), but if you want people to be nice TRY IT YOURSELF!

Oct 1, 2008 11:27:53 AM

I am sure that the same smart ass coward who can't even leave their name is responsible for both of these messages. I'm not going to let one rotten apple ruin it for everybody, but I don't have to put up with this shit. If there was a way to block certain assholes from accessing my blog, believe me, it would be happening RIGHT NOW.
To this anonymous person: It's REAL SIMPLE. If you do not want to say thanks, then stay away from my blog. I do not want your kind here.

Pink Lemonade QP

Today's page is a LO that I made using the "Pink Lemonade" kit from JanniDee The photo is from Lilly's birthday this year. The big extravaganza had to be cancelled due to Ike, and we ended up with just Matt, Shawna, Wyatt and me for the celebration. Password is: kiss Lilly really had a candlelight birthday!

Today's gift: txbubbles-Pink Lemonade
Remember what your momma taught you!