Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This and That and a lot of pink!

Lilly sporting her strawberry bikini! I found this at a childrens specialty shop before she was born and had to have it no matter what the cost! I think it was definitely worth it! This LO was created with the Blooming Colors kit from Anita (Nana's Attic), maybe I have time to answer some questions today. April and the end of quarters always drive me batty. Why I chose accounting as a way to support my lifestyle is sometimes a mystery to me! This is probably 'gonna be a long one, but you may pick up a tip or two if you read on! So grab your drink of choice and settle in for a long ramble today!
Rena asks about layering elements on your page and not having them "float". I'm guessing you are asking about using drop shadows. (Girl...shoot me an email, then I can answer your questions better, after all, I've shown you mine, now you show me yours!). I almost always use the low drop in Photoshop. The default is 21/21. A lot of the time this is way too big. Example, if I use a staple, the default makes it float, I change it to 10/10, this looks good to me. If you are stacking a lot of items, the top most (and thicker) will have the heavier shadows. Take some real paper, ribbon and a button and lay it on your desk to get a real perspective. Remember, the undo button is your best friend! Play with it till you get the hang of it, soon it will become second nature to you, I swear!
For the dear sweet ladies who still scrap in 8.5 x 11, I wish I could help you, but honestly, for all the years that I scrapped in this size, I always ended up with a double spread, this size just isn't enough room for me to get my message across. I like BIG and SQUARE! I have a large format printer, but for most of my books, I have lately started to make my pages in 12 x 12, resize to 8 x 8 and print on my regular photo printer. The Paper Studio makes terrific 8 x 8 albums. If you do not want to convert to a different size, perhaps you can still scraplift my designs and make them into 8.5 x 11. I don't mind at all. I always post the name of the kit I used, so you should be able to copy the design fairly easily.
Lori wants to know if I have any tips for non-creative people. quick pages? Scraplift? Nah...seriously, PLAY!!!! This is supposed to be FUN! Check out some tutorials, read blogs (hint, hint!) and just keep creating! As long as you are preserving your memories and you are happy with the end result, you have accomplished something! Password is: berrycute
This is just something I started thinking about when I was playing with Kim's new kit, "An Ordinary Day". Scrap those "ordinary" moments. Everybody remembers the wedding or the graduation, but the pics of Lilly gnawing on a rib will be great to show her boyfriend when she is sixteen! ROTFLPIMP!!!
Take lots of pictures! I carry my camera with me all the time. It does come in handy, once I took pics of a drunk driver hit and run because I had my camera right beside me and he was hunted down and sent to jail because I had taken photos of him along with his vehicle at the wreck! I took a photography course in college and the professor said "Take lots of pictures, film is cheap, and you may get that once in a lifetime photo". Well, we have digital now, so there is no excuse. I may shoot 100 pics, and the only one that is worth saving is of Wyatt running to Lilly's beck and call or her putting her hand over the camera lens. Ahhh... these are the REAL moments of life.
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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An Ordinary Day

As promised...a QP from a Kim Broedelet kit! This page was made with her latest offering, "An Ordinary Day". Let me tell you, this kit is anything BUT ordinary! Today you can still snap it up for the amazing price of $2.50!!! The price goes up at midnight tonight, so run and get it before it's too late and then you'll be kickin' yourself saying "Dang it, I should have listened to Bubbles"! Get it here: I know that this LO was just posted the other day, but I don't like to post a QP without the corresponding LO, so you get to see Lilly's smiling face again! Password is: tasty As soon as I get the time to catch my breath, I will work on answering some of ya'lls questions. Until then, have fun and go scrap something! BTW, in case you missed it in the previous post, I used Kim's "Age It Quick" to make the tears in the paper. This is a really cool grungy look! Check it out while you're in her store!
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Monday, April 28, 2008

My Camo Guys

Here's a page for ya'll from Anita's newest kit "Country Elements". Love these warm colors! No big ramble today, I am just tired, and that is SO wrong, considering it is Monday! Password is: camo Good news!!! Kim Broedelet has so graciously given me permission to offer QP's from her creations! I am SOOO excited! Look for some this week!

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Remember what your Momma said?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Texas Accent?

I had a sure enough real Depends moment when I read this!!!
Posted by MeMeJan
Apr 25, 2008 9:45:03 PM
Thank you for sharing. My daughter just recently moved to Texas and my 6-yr old granddaughter is already starting to talk like, like, YOU! Hope she learns to cook Southern like you, too.
Lordy mercy...I was not aware that my accent was so heavy it even comes across when I type! Thank you so much MeMeJan for making my day! (Now I'm gonna go change!) As far as the cooking goes, I learned a lot from my Memaw and my Mom! You just absorb it! LOL!!!

These pages were made using the new kit from Kim Broedelet, "Ordinary Day". At $2.50 this is a steal! Get it quick! In the first LO, I used Kim's "Age It Quick" to make the torn holes in the paper. This is SO terrific! I LOVE how you can make the other paper peek through! Lilly thoroughly enjoyed gnawing on some tasty ribs, and even offered to share!
Wyatt will come anytime Lilly calls. I love the aspect of the second photo! Sometimes I get really lucky! Thought I would pass along a little tip. It may be painfully obvious, but I just discovered it a couple of months ago (after almost 2 years of digi), so here goes. While designing a page, trying to see which elements would work (or not) I would drag them into the LO, then if I didn't like the way it looked, I would delete. You know that little eyeball looking thing in your layers palette? Just click on it and you can make it disappear! When you decide you like the looks of your LO, THEN delete the layers you don't want!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Matt Daddy

Gotta tell you, I spit coffee all over the place reading the comments here and on 4shared! (And for the one lady that wondered, yes, they are ALL visible). Ya'll just crack me up! Thanks for all the too kind words you have sent my way. It really makes my day to know you are pleased with what I offer here on my blog. There have been several questions, (barbeque recipes, QP tutorial, etc...) that are too involved to go into here. If you will shoot me an email I will be glad to do all I can to help. Now, here's a little food porn for you! This is a picture of my winning brisket at the Harley Davidson Cook-Off. Yes, I will take pictures of anything! ROTFL!!! The second pic is of me (center) with the other members of our team. We swept all categories this day, brisket, ribs and chicken!
Here's another "Pick on Matt" page. He just had to add is own style to the delivery room attire! This page is a conglomeration! The papers are from Tweeny Bop, dadgumit, I can't find my paper that I wrote down listing everything. I think the doodle and ribbons are from Blooming Colors. Suffice it to say, everthing is from Anita (Nana's Attic)! Password is: mattdaddy WooHoo!!! Anita has a new kit with guy type colors! I can't wait to play with it this weekend!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

All Links Up!

I do believe all links are now active again. If you find one that isn't, shoot me an email. What a PITA!!! But it was all worth it to actually be able to share with people who appreciate your work! After all the wonderful comments from all the ladies visiting from Nana's Attic yesterday, I have a large case of the big head, and we're not talking sinus headache here!!! One sweet lady has dubbed me the QP Queen! (I am now ducking my head in a modest manner)! ROTFLPIMP!!! Yep, I am so glad that you are all enjoying my pages and sharing that fact back with me that I can hardly wait to create something else for you. See, what goes around comes around! Now, to answer a couple of questions. There have been several inquiries regarding the club I have mentioned. This is an idea I had been thinking about because call me strange, but I was getting really fed up with sharing my creations with rude people. Then Anita posted the link to my blog. Lo and behold...there really are some terrific ladies out there! Every one of you that took the time to say something restored my faith in the digital scrap world! So I am shelving the club idea for now and will continue to post freely on my blog. Lori wants to know what's a Do Dat? I am on a Bar B Que team and we compete in cook-offs. (Barbeque is really big in Texas). The Do Dat Bar B Que is the big competition in Nacogdoches. Around 90 teams usually cook, so it's a pretty good size event. I have won the ribs and the brisket awards. Lilly was actually born on Do Dat weekend in 2006, so she's our little Do Dat baby!
Now ya'll can just whup me with a wet noodle, because I left the flash drive with todays QP at home plugged into my laptop. BUT...I scrounged around and found this one to share with you! I don't have the LO for this page sized to post, so use your imagination! Password is: forgot This was made from the Treasures From the Attic freebie series by Mabelle Santiago-Rubia.

Here it is: Link Expired Remember?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To the visitors coming from Anita's blog: I had started to have the links expire after 10 days, but since ya'll are new here, I will put them back up . Just give me a little time to get it done. I will try my best to have them all up by tomorrow, so please check back! As long as everyone remembers what their Momma taught them and says thank you we'll be okay. Welcome to Bubbles Babbles!

Tuckered Out

This was one of those days when Wyatt had been just going full blast all day and didn't want to stop to take a nap. One second he was bouncing around, then just kind of collapsed on the couch. Password is: couch This is the brand new kit from JanniDee called "Built Tough". I absolutely LOVE these ripped photo pockets! The journaling paper is not in the kit. I made it using Kim B's Stacked Notes designer edition. See the whole kit here:

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


No HUGE grins, but at least a little smile. But only a second before the hand goes up! ROTFL!!! This is the original LO that I did including the "Paparazzi" photo. I like it, but the single page I posted previously using Kim Broedelet's frame is my fave. I finished this spread Saturday morning, made the QP's to be used for the Two-Fer and thought I was done with these photos. Then Sunday morning I was cruising through the "UndaDaSea" kit and saw the frame that reminded me of a photo lense, so I made another page! (See No Paparazzi post) One step forward, two steps back! I might as well realize that I will never be caught up! ROTFL!!! Password is: no more These LO's were made using the "All About Me" kit from Anita (Nana's Attic).
See her here:'s your opinion? Which one do you think is the best showcase for the photo?

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I goofed yesterday and posted the application for the club by accident. I usually have several posts saved in draft, and I just hit the wrong one. I have planned to wait a little while and see how it goes. I have saved the apps for those that have already replied. (And you will definitely be in). Many, many thanks to all you wonderful ladies that provide feedback!!!

Red Neck Palm Pilot

My son Matt using that highly technical gadget, the Redneck Palm Pilot! ROTFLPIMP!!! I kid him about it all the time, but he will probably KILL ME if he finds out I posted this on the web, so let it be our little secret, okay? Can you arrest your Mom for giving out secret police info? I may have to collect bail money for this one! This LO was made with the "Green Apple" kit from PinkUPixie. Find it here:

Monday, April 21, 2008

No Paparrazi!

Lilly has decided to be camera shy these days! She will put her hand over the lens anytime she sees you trying to take her picture. Kinda' reminds me of the movie stars dealing with paparrazi! I think this is a perfect example of what at first seems to be a lousy photo turning out to be a great one! I love the way her fingers frame her face! Background papers and frame are from Kim Broedelet's "UndaDaSea" kit. Stacking Notes from Kim B also (commercial use, recolored by me). The sticky arrow was one of her blog freebies. Thanks to LPand3dogs for the curled edge template.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

See, I told ya'll I wouldn't be able to hold off on the girly pages for long!!! A little background on these photos (here is where you have to suffer through my rambling babbling). As you can see from the date, I have had these photos for almost a year. I really wanted to scrap them, I mean, learning to crawl is a big deal, it should be documented. Occasionally I would attempt to do a LO, but it never would come together and I would chunk it. The other day I got an email that JanniDee had a new kit out. As soon as I saw the previews, these photos came to mind. This page came together in less than thirty minutes. A prime example of right photos, right kit!!! So that is my tip for you today, do not struggle trying to create a page. If you play with it for a little while and it just isn't happening, chunk it or save it as a PSD to go back to later. You can sit there dragging things around for hours, but if the mojo ain't there you will end up frustrated, with a mediocre page to boot! Password is: freedom When it all clicks, your LO will just kinda' zoom together!!! This kit is called "Al Fresco". I absolutely LOVE the photo pockets Janni created! I think I'm 'gonna have to scraplift this idea! LOL!!! I realize that this page may not work for everyone, three photo pages are kind of specialized, but if you can use it, enjoy!!! Did I bury the password deep enough in the post? ROTFLPIMP!!! Find Janni's fabulous designs here:

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Saturday, April 19, 2008

This is a photo of Lillian on her first birthday. She was sporting her new pink polka dot do-rag. After that incredible ridiculous comment about my passwords, I wish I could make this even more difficult, but I can't figure out a way! ROTFLPIMP!!! Password is: do rag I made this page from the new kit from Anita (Nana's Attic) called "Butterfies Are Free". Remember, all lower case and use the space.

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Excuse ME!!!!

Posted by Theresa
Apr 19, 2008 10:30:18 AM
thank-you but please make the password easier it took me forever to get

Let me say it one more time. You must suffer through my ramblings to find the password. If you cannot take the thirty seconds out of your busy day to read my blog and FIND the password, then you do not deserve to have the GIFT that I am offering.

Ya' know, I stopped the feed for DigiFree, thinking it would put an end to this crap, but no...We are getting closer all the time to having a private club. And remember, if anyone has a problem with this, it is MY BLOG, and I can do what ever the hell I want to.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Do Dat Sausage

Allright, Rena...this one's for you, since you asked pretty please! I asked Aneta (Sweetmade) for permission to post this as a QP, and she very graciously granted permission for this ONE page. HA!HA!HA! Now Rena is in my debt forever! (Nah...not really, it wasn't THAT much trouble, just give me your firstborn and we'll call it even! ROTFLPIMP!!!) Seriously, she doesn't grant permission often, so this is really special! This is a LO I made of Lilly at her first Do Dat. She had a sausage in EACH hand! This girl can chow down on some sausage! Password is: napkin I used the fabulous kit "LaBodega" created by Sweetmade. This kit is cram packed with cool stuff to stack up on your pages! Very versatile, and it works great for guy pages, too. Get it here: Be sure to check out the add-on, too. There is enough stuff in here to create a whole album. This is one of my favorites. Definitely on the Bubbles greatest kits list! While you are there, check out the "Gingerbread Lane" kit. I made a Thanksgiving and a Christmas album with it! Another one of the all time greats! I love how the blue check paper in the lower right corner looks like a napkin, and believe me, mass quantities of napkins were needed at this point! LOL!!!
Here it be: Link Expired Remember your manners!
Now go have fun, and scrap something!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bad Blogger!

Blogger is not cooperating today. I can't upload any images. I will keep trying. And... Rena, I have a surprise for you!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hey, better late than never! Yesterday almost did me in, I didn't get to bed till midnight. Everybody say it with me "Damn you, IRS"! ROTFLPIMP!!!! I feel better now! In case you didn't notice, I'm sneakily edging back into girly mode!!! LOL!!! No pink, but swirly and hearts! This was made from an older kit from Anita (Nana's Attic) called "Foofaraw". Don't ask me, I think it means extra stuff, but I could be wrong. I do like the way it sounds, though! Foofaraw!!! LOL!!! I took the flat doodle, added a simple emboss style, and voila!!! it looks like wire! For the journaling spot, I just used one of the papers in the kit, cut it with the cookie cutter, embossed and saved as a png. This is another one of those things I do all the time when I'm trying to match things up and there is nothing in the kit that will work the way I want. Password is: foofoo
The photo is of Matt (The Brat) and Shawna (My Girl) Easter Sunday in their brand new backyard. And torn paper, I'm trying to keep myself from getting into a rut! It's HARD to not keep doing the same old things over and over. Hey...that's your tip for the day! Every once in awhile, get out of your comfort zone and shake things up a bit!
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Now go have fun, and scrap something!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Continuing on with guy type pages for you. I don't know how much longer I can last before I have to have a girly fix! This is from the new kit by JanniDee (JanniScraps Designs) called Blueberries & Cream. I love these soft colors! They will also work great for some beach pages. After I had made my page, I did a quick makeover for those of you who prefer one photo. You could also flip one of the images and have a two page LO. It's hard to believe these guys were this little! Password is: penguin Both versions are in the zip, so I may be cheating a little, but it's still TECHNICALLY a two-fer! LMAO!!!

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Monday, April 14, 2008

He's Cool

All right, I'm going with another guy page for you today. We'll see how long I can hold out before I have to have a girly fix! LOL!!! This is my nephew Cory sporting his cool new shades! He is very big on being cool, so once I picked this photo to scrap, the page came together really fast. This is the newest kit from Anita (Nana's Attic) named "Cool Dude"!!! Password is: dude The frame is not a part of the kit, I made it using one of the papers.
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Friday, April 11, 2008


Couldn't find the PW.....
thanks for sharing but about your passwords sorry maybe you can give this more clear please?
where is the password for this, its so nice i dont want to miss it, thanx,
the page is beautiful. what is the password, please, in order to download? thank you.
Once again, the password will always be somewhere in the post. You just have to suffer through my ramblings to find it.

And Rena says: OH MY GOSH people take the time to READ her blog!!, and what does it take? 30 seconds each day?...maybe a little longer than a texas wind storm passing through...BUT you know what you will get in return?....your day will be "BRIGHTER" and you will "FIND" the password! =) thank you for this cute it! Now...if we could just get 'em to say a little thank ya'...all would be right with the digital-world =0)~ hee hee

And Susie says: He he, close your eyes, focus on your breathing, put down the branding iron.

Thanks, girlfriends, for making my day! (I really like the Texas windstorm comparison and the bit about the branding iron)!!!

Welcome to My Crib!

I was digging through old LO's and came upon this one. This is one of my early digital pages, you can tell how much I have evolved! I think it's still a good basic page. You could use an alpha for a big title as I did, or add a ribbon and or some note paper and customize it for yourself. The alpha I used is called "Whitewashed". I believe it is from Marie Stones. (Those early downloading frenzies). The font is called "First Grader". Password is: crib Another tidbit, this is before I discovered Atomic Cupcake's wonderful actions, I did the paper tear all on my own!
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Totally Cool

See, you talk, I listen. I started to go back through all my LO's of my sons to find some I could make into "guy" QP's for you and then I went "DOH!" I had started working on this LO Tuesday night and I just had to put the finishing touches on it and pack it up! It is from the kit by Anita (Nana's Attic) called "Totally Cool". David and Matt have always been very close, and their boys (Wyatt and Garrett) are the same. Password is: buddies I will try to go back and find some others tonight. It will take a while, I have so many! I also have to make sure that everything in the LO can be shared without having to obtain special permission. That is the reason that most of the pages I post for you are from Nana's Attic. I have a commercial license for her kits, so I know I can offer them to you without any worries.Get it here: Link Expired Remember your manners!
Now, go have fun, and scrap something!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wild Daisies

Todays QP is from "Wild Daisies" by Anita (Nana's Attic). This is one of those pages were there really wasn't a story to tell, therefore I don't have a big space for journaling. If you need more space, you could staple a piece of notepaper to the lower left corner, probably at a tilt. Password is: smile I noticed quite a few readers mentioning that they really liked the Built Tough page because they needed more guy pages. I will go back through my files and see what I have in the "guy department"! I know I am tending to lean heavily into the pink girly stuff, but after thirty years of yearning for a girl, I think I am entitled! LOL!!!
Here it be:Link Expired Remember your manners!

To susie2shoes: Thanks for your concern over my sinus problem. Since I live in Texas, I have it year round, it just goes from bad to worse. To top that off, I have severe drug allergies, so I can only take antibiotics in life threatening conditions. I tell you all of that to get to this. The saline treatment was brought up to me the other day. It took me two whole days to get up the nerve to do the nasal douche! I kept looking at that tube and that BIG container and just didn't think I could bring myself to do it. Then I felt so bad that I called my DIL Shawna and told her I had to do it, so if I don't call you back in 15 minutes I have drowned myself! Well, this treatment works wonders! It's really uncomfortable at first, but it gets better! I only wish I had found out about this twenty years ago! Lordy mercy, I can't believe I have just blogged about this! ROTFLPIMP!

How to make a QP

Quick post to answer a couple of questions. I will post your QP later this afternoon. To the anonymous people that want the password, first, I can't email you if you don't leave a name or address. Second, the password is in the post.
Kicksmom wants to know how to turn a LO into a QP. It is shamefully easy!!! As I said before, I always save a copy of my LO in full layers, either as a tiff or PSD file. Then I save it as a jpeg @ 300 dpi in a folder called high res. Once you have done these two saves, open up the full layer file. Delete the layers with your photo(s) and journaling text. Now make the layer with your frame active. Take the magic wand and click inside the frame. You should now have the marching ants inside the frame. Go to your layer palette and make the paper layer active, then hit delete. If you have several papers (or elements) stacked up you will need to keep choosing each layer and hitting delete. Once everything is cleared out of the frame and all you can see is the gray check background, save as a png file. That's it! Now your LO is a QP! There are quite a few more tedious things to do if you are going to publish it, I can go into that later if you want. I actually end up saving six versions! Full layer files are BIG. An external HD is a must have! I have a 250 gig and a 500 gig that I use.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


That's right, TWO pages for you today! First up is "Shy Wy". This page was made from the "Built Tough" kit by Anita (Nana's Attic). I made the frame from some leather strips in the kit. I kept this one simple, because I wanted this photo to really take center stage. Since Wyatt was a baby, he has always hammed & cheesed anytime there was a camera around. This is the only photo I have of him acting shy. And yes, it is an act! Password is: shy guy

Here it is: Link Expired Remember your manners!

Next up for your scrapping pleasure will be "Grins & Giggles" created from the kit of the same name by Anita (Nana's Attic). Wyatt was so proud of this big frog he captured. Chloe stood back, but did lend her support! I love how the orange in the paper coordinates with the Cheeto stains on his face! LOL!!! The painted doodle is another example of what adding a simple emboss style does to an element. Password will be: froggy

Get it here: Grins & Giggles QP.zipRemember your manners!

I have had requests for more tips. I'm really racking my poor pained brain here. (Dang this sinus infection! I haven't dork danced in DAYS!) After a while it all kind of becomes second nature and I really don't think about it, I just DO it! You will get to this place too, just keep creating! There is no right or wrong, as long as it pleases you and you are preserving your memories. That said, a couple of things do come to mind. I always save a page as full layers, either as a tiff or a PSD. This way you can go back and change things easily. (Or make a QP from one of your LO"s!!!) Every QP I offer to you is from a LO I have done for one of my books. I can't just create a page. I have to have the photo(s). Repeat after me, "It's all about the pictures". ROTFLPIMP!!! Another thing that I have noticed while cruising the galleries is that so many people get so caught up in the page that not only do they kinda' add the photo as an afterthought, they neglect to add any journaling whatsoever! As I look at one of their pages, I am wondering, who are these people? What was happening? When did it happen? So, my tip for you is, look at your page as if someone else is looking through your scrapbook and you are standing beside them. Are you having to provide a running commentary? Then need to add some journaling! You don't have to write a novel, just add the facts, at the very least names and a date. Sometimes that is all it takes!

Monday, April 7, 2008

More Tips

Anyone can design knock-out pages! Just keep a few things in mind. The opinions expressed here are mine and mine only. This is how I create. Hey, it works for me! LOL!!! I always start with the photo's I want to scrap. Design your page around them. I can't stress this enough. It's ALL about the pictures, not the papers or elements. Everything on the page should complement the photos. This is the MOST important tip I can give you. Find a couple of designers that you like. I have been a fan of Nana's Attic since day one. Her creations suit my style, that makes it easy to design a page. A couple of my other go-to's are Jannidee,Kim Broedelet, PinkuPixie and Mabelle. Use basic rules of design. If you go back and look at my pages, you will notice I usually use a triangle. Sometimes it may be a kind of woppy triangle, but it is usually there. If you like torn paper, invest in some actions. I LOVE torn paper, (as if you couldn't tell!) and I used to spend untold amounts of time going through all the steps to create it in Photoshop. Atomic Cupcake to the rescue! Tilt stuff, especially photos! Nothing in life is perfect, although I will admit that I am so OCD that I will use the grid to make sure that my stuff is tilted in proportion! Use BIG photos! As I said before, it is supposed to be about the pictures, not the papers or elements. I just have to sigh when I see a beautiful page and this little bitty picture down in the corner. Scrap whatever floats your boat at the moment. Do not get caught up in the chronological time warp. I am still scrapping pages of my boys when they were little (and they are 29 and counting!). Okey dokey, that's all for today! A big ole Texas sized hug to all you wonderful ladies! I would do a dork dance, but it hurts my head! ROTFLPIMP!!!

Not Without Me

I just love this photo of Lilly. She didn't cry or throw a fit, she just went to her room, drug her diaper bag to the front door and waited. I have tried to scrap this photo probably twenty times and I just couldn't make it happen. Her P.J.'s are screaming bright red, and the diaper bag is hot pink and brown. Not exactly a pleasing color combo! LOL!!! Then Mr. Mojo showed up and this page came together in about thirty minutes. It took me longer to recolor the picture than anything else! Papers, doodles and flowers are from "Whisper of Love" by Anita (Nana's Attic). The chipboard frame is from the "Grins & Giggles" kit, I just recolored it. Rena had inquired about the font I use. It is called Freestyle Script. I am almost positive that it came installed on my laptop. There are a lot of nice free fonts here: The one called Journal is a nice handwriting look. Password is: got my bag Remember, it is all lower case, and use the spaces. I have noticed quite a few comments from beginners. Hey, I was a newbie not very long ago! I will be glad to try to answer any questions you may have. Just ask! To Suzee: Question "How do you find time to digi scrap? Answer: I don't sleep much! Seriously, I paper scrapped for years, and sometimes it would take me days to finish a page. Digi scrapping set me free! The undo button and I are great friends! I created a file on my laptop called pages in progress. Sometimes I will only work on pages an hour or so at night, and then there are times when I will start @ 8:00 Saturday morning and look at the time later and it is 5:00 PM!!! There is no rule that says you have to finish the same day! But I have to say, when Mr. Mojo comes a knockin', stick with it. That's how "All Worn Out" came about!

Here it is: Link Expired

Links are back up

I feel that I owe an apology to all the sweet ladies who are regulars here. It was never my intent to stop sharing with you. It was the ungrateful grab & run masses that got my panties in a wad! So, sorry for my hissy fit, and due to the requests and emails, I have reinstated the links. I suppose I need to really work on my temper. (Note to self: Do not blog when you are sick and feeling lousy).

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Effective immediately, all previous freebie links have expired. A sneak preview of what's coming up this week! Depending on how soon I get the "Fun Club" up and running, you may or may not get these here on the blog. Hell hath no fury like a southern girl pissed off!