Saturday, July 10, 2010

Treading Water...

and just barely keeping my head above the waves, lol. Ya'll know how it goes when you come back from vacation, right? You have to try and catch up with a weeks worth of of work while still trying to keep up with the mountains of paper that arrive on your desk every single day without fail. Now, let's make it worse. Two days after I got back from South Padre, Mel the girl wonder secretary left on her vacation. As soon as she got back the Boss Man left to go out of the country, which leaves yours truly in charge of the whole store. He usually takes care of paying half the bills, in addition to keeping up with the tire orders and inventory so now all of that is on my plate too. Now throw in dealing with the bozos from our other store and resisting the urge to fire everyone and start from scratch, the fact that PSCS5 and Vista don't seem to play together very well (my computer is constantly crashing and I haven't had the time to fix it) and you'll get an idea of where I'm at. Can we say stressed to the max? Uhmm hmm...I thought so.

Anyway, I donned my big girl panties this morning and put together a mini for KimBob's Color Challenge. I hope ya'll enjoy today's little gifty. FYI... I used Jodiann's "Get Bent" style for the frame. They are just too cool!

Today's gift:

Great big ole Texas hugs, Vicki