Friday, May 16, 2008

Where are those darn staples?

Well, the juggling everthing between two computers, three flash drives and two external drives has finally caught up with me and kicked my butt. In my LO and the QP preview, you will see staples. I decided to add them at the last minute. However, the version that I saved to the flash drive that I have with me today is "pre-staple". Rather than leave ya'll without till Monday, I went ahead and uploaded the stapleless (is that a word?) LOL! version to 4shared. You can always add your own staples if you would like. This LO is the companion page to Princess Lillian. She did quite a number on her little personal birthday cake, and was sticky from head to toe. A quick dunk in the tub was necessary before the party could go on! Password is: sticky I used my May challenge kit for this page. I will have a little add-on to the kit next week, it was just going to be some journaling spots, but I think I will add a staple for you! I played around with the color cast in these pics, they look like some of mine from the seventies!

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Lori said...

Is the lighting sort of darker in the pics or did you do that to the pics? Or is it an illusion due to the colors of the lo? It's sort of 'aged' looking.
Thank you for sharing the QP! I really like it...


Anonymous said...

First of all, love the name for this adorable QP... =0)
Awesome page lady, with or without staples!...I know what you mean about losing that one tiny file you need, with a computer and 3 externals,,,its enuf to drive ya to drinkin'.....but then imagine what the layout would look like *smirk*

HAVE A SUPER WEEKEND !! 102 here today *wiping brow*


Nani said...

Sweet even without the staples! LOL

I'm going to do a layout this week with your kit - I'll be sure to share it when I do!!


DigiLover said...

really great QP - love the torn paper and your bubs is just so adorable!!!!


Wendy said...

Thank you for such a darling layout. I was having computer problems last week and don't remember if I downloaded this or not so I'm possibly commenting again, LOL

Anonymous said...

Love this layout - neat use of the folded paper (which I really like)! Looks like Lilly enjoyed her day.

Thanks so much for sharing the lovely quick page.

Sue said...

I'm glad that was Lilly's personal cake, and not the one to share.

Thanks for the quick page!