Friday, May 9, 2008

Meet the Grouchos

When my family gets together, we do tend to have fun! Sometimes it gets a little on the strange side, sometimes kind of wild, but always fun! I picked up several pairs of Groucho glasses, (along with the famous Elvis mask!) at an after Halloween sale and took them to the deer lease. Here is Matt the Brat, my Dad and Wyatt sporting their new "look"! ROTFLPIMP!!! Password is: goofballs And yes, there is a picture floating around of me with the glasses on, but it is so embarrassing even I won't post it!

Here 'ya go: Link Expired
What do we say?


Nani said...

Hey now! If I can put up layouts online in my purple sparkly dee-lee-boppers, why can't we se3 you in the Groucho glasses?? :)

What a fun layout!

I love the glasses!!

Lori said...

CHICKENSMIT!!!!! lol Post the picture so we can see if YOU run in the family. LOL

Thanks for the qp and story about the Groucho's. lol

Anonymous said...

Good morning Vicki !

Thank you for the 3 photo QP !
I always have pages to do, where one photo just isn't enough to tell the story...
This one is SUPER!!

LOVE the guys in their glasses, I really think you should reconsider showing us the one with you though...this just screams the possiblity of a 2 page spread? *evil grin inserted here*

So in case I am not online tomorrow, let me take this moment to wish you and all the mom's who come here a .....

take care~
and have a great weekend

Wendy said...

great LO, and what cute pictures of your guys!

Sue said...

What FUN pictures! I'm glad you later shared the one of yourself. It's good to do crazy things sometime.

I really like this layout, both the colors you selected and the way you handled the three photos. Thanks! :)