Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bald Like Me

I guess it's official. I have serious creative block. Again last night I sat at the computer dragging stuff around and came up with squat. Three days in a row! Please come back, Mr. Mojo! Whatever I did to tick you off, I promise I won't do it again! I finally resorted to digging through some old LO's to find one that I could make into a page for you today. Password is: baldy This is another one of my early digital pages. I used a combination of "Over the Rainbow" and "Foofaraw" from Nana's Attic. Lilly thought the big head statue at Ripley's was the coolest. She patted it and talked to it like they were old friends!

Gift for today: Link Expired
What do we say?


Erika said...

Maybe Mr Mojo headed off on that holiday ahead of you LOL. I know the feeling. Spend some time away from it, I went and did some gardening for a day or two and didn't even think about scrapping.
Big hugs,

Lori said...

ROFLMAO!!!!! I love Lilly making the head into a friend. hehehe So cute!

Thank you for sharing your qp...hun, even your no Mr. Mojo creations are more creative than my best! hehe

Wendy said...

Thank you :)

Sue said...

I love seeing photos of Lilly. She's so cute! Thanks for the great quick page.