Monday, May 19, 2008

May Add-On (the lost staple)

Here is the last of the May kit. I threw in my favorite double staple for you! The top two papers are big, I left them that way so you could size them to your specs. The bottom right spot was not actually a part of this kit, it's just a really neat torn spot that I made and use all the time. Password is: the end I hope you enjoy this kit, it was fun to make! I have several pages in progress, if Mr. Mojo ever decides to come back to my house maybe I'll get them finished! It seems I have a little creative block going on. I tried to scrap for several hours Saturday morning but couldn't manage to finish anything, so I decided to go to the casino. BAD idea. Suffice it to say I would have been better off creating lousy pages. All I brought back was a t-shirt.
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Nani said...

Thank you for that last piece of the kit! I'm a bit of a journaling nut at times, especially for the heritage project I'm working on!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vicki, this is a great way to finish up a terrific kit!
I NEED my journal spots! =)

as far as the casino visit...
Look at it this way, you can always put yur t-shirt on, and post it here for our

I havent scrapped much either, who can when its 106 outside..ugh!
asking myself why did I want summer to hurry and get here? =}

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these fun pieces.

Lori said...

ooooooooo the only inspiration you get from casinos are funny things to post about...but not necessarily scrap about. lol

Thank you for these cool papers and the staples...hehe HUGS

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I used the little torn piece last evening while working on picture from our anniversary trip. It was terrific.

Wendy said...

What cute papers! These will definitely be used. Thank you so much :)

Anonymous said...

New to your blog and really enjoying my stay! And I'm not just talking about the generous freebies. You crack me up! Thanks!

Sue said...

Thanks for this kit. These journaling pieces and staples will be handy to have around. :)