Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Princess Lillian

I made this page for the May color challenge at DSO using the awesome design tools of Kim Broedelet. This was the first time I made a circle print paper, I think it turned out pretty darned good if I do say so myself! I went kind of nuts at the party store and bought everything they had in the princess theme for Lilly's first birthday! Password is: tiara Lilly dived right in to her birthday cake. Everytime the tiara moved on her head, she would push it back up, resulting in lots of sticky icing in her hair!

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Anonymous said...

You know it's gonna be real hard to just have one favorite, if you keep making Qp's like this !!!

Its just AWESOME Vicki...I love it!
I got caught up on your three most recent posts, and you just continue to blow me away with your work!



Nani said...

Fantastic layout! I love the frame and the colors!

That tiara is so cute! She was truly a (frosting) princess for her birthday!!

Krisi said...

I created a page (my daughter's first day at preschool). You can find it here at:

Wendy said...

awesome QP, love the colors. Happy bday Lilly!!

LouCeeCreations said...

What an adorable QP, and an adorable little girl on it too!

Lori said...

Ok that Lillian is just adorable! We need to set her up with my grandson Kadyn when they get older so we can have beautiful great grandbabies! lol She looks so darn cute! And the lo is really cute. I need to try the whole "ribbon around the frame" idea....I haven't done that yet. hehe
THank you for sharing! HUGS

KBee said...

I'm lovin your stuff

Thanks so much

PS Like your name, too

Lori said...

I keep coming back to this lo...Princess Lillian is so cute and I miss tiny babies. She is such a cutie too...

Sharon said...

Thank you very much :)

J9 said...

What a lovely royal highness she made! Thanks much for the CUTE QP. Love the password placement, it's like watching Sgt. Subliminal from SNL! Fun.