Thursday, May 1, 2008

8.5 x 11 work around

Today is a special post for the sweet ladies who scrap 8.5 x 11 and have been disappointed that they could not use my designs. Rena sent me the solution that she uses for resizing. I think it's brilliant! I played around with it last night to see how it worked and it's really easy. I've never written a tut before, but here goes!
I did these in landscape style, and we are going to assume you have the corresponding kit.

Open a new blank file H 8.5 W 11

Open the 12 x 12 QP and resize to 8.5 x 8.5

Open the matching background paper

Open a coordinating ribbon

Drag them into the blank file in this order, background paper, QP, ribbon
Position the ribbon to cover where the QP and paper overlap

Pop your pics in under the QP

Use the space for a title, or add some embellies from the kit.

I have done these two for you, let me know what you think! Password is: mysize

Here 'ya go: Blooming Colors QP8.5.zipButterflies Are Free Remember your manners!

Tomorrow we will return to our regular broadcast.

BTW, I think Rena is holding out on us, she knows more than she's letting on! Many thanks to you, girlfriend!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh My GOSH! Vicki, those two QP's look great!!! I know those ladies will be tickled to death to have the idea, it will open up a whole new world for them...especially if they your qp's and have Anita's stuff to go with it...AWESOME! AWESOME!

as for holding out...., I dont know about that...ha!
I do know that when your growing up in a poor home family of six, and living in Texas you learn to make do...

ya know this reminds me of the days of cutting a strip of fabric and sewing to the bottom of your brothers jeans, because with him as the older sibling, you got HIS hand me downs (yet I was taller).......LMAO! Thank goodness it was during the bell bottom era, it worked...and I was a genius! =)

Good luck to the ladies, you will be THRILLED when you work with Vicki's may eventually go BIG and WIDE too!

Take care, and have a super day!

Bec said...

What a simple solution, I can't believe I hadn't thought of that. I have used them shrunk down on a page and added another full background behind them, but this looks soooo much better. Thank you for the information, I can't wait to try them all now!

Melissa said...

I'm new to your blog! I just found it today and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Thank you so much for the cute Quick Pages! They are THE cutest I've seen! Thank you for GIVING them away! I will be using them and visiting your blog a TON! Thanks, again!
Oh, and, your daughter is beautiful!

ccynden said...

Thank you for this tut or beautiful Qps. I am a diehard 8.5x11 person, so I will definitely try my hand at your directions. Bless you.

scangel said...

hi vicki
thanks for the great tip on resizing the lovely 12x12 qps you make to fit 8.5x11. thats one of those why didn't i think of it ideas.
got caught up with downloading all of the qps tonight and will be checking back to see what other goodies you have for us.
thanks so much for being so generous.

Josie said...

Great QPs! Thank you. And, your tut is great. I do something similar with bragbook pages that I love.

While I don't usually size them up, I will use a corresponding background paper in 12x12, pop the bragbook page on top and add an embellishment here and there in the new "blank" space. Or use it for journaling, a favorite bible verse, song lyrics or quote. Works like a charm!

grannymike said...

Thank you SO much for the lovely quick pages and for the simple yet (why didn't I think of that?) great way to combine the two sizes. And I love the look, also. Thanks so much to you both.

Lori said...

Those ARE great! I never think to use so many embellies! My brain just does NOT want to expand like that. sigh But I perservere. hehe
Thanks for the tut...although, I'm pretty good at adjusting whatever I want to use to whatever size I so choose. lol I'm stubborn (and non creative) that

Thank you also for the freebies! HUGS

Trisha said...

Thank you so much for the fabulous tutorial Vicki! The qp's are beautiful :-0

Agn├Ęs said...

Lovely qp. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the QPs (so nice!)and especially for the tut on the 8-1/2x11 work around.

Krisi said...

Thanks for the great info on sizing Qp'S down -- gee where was my brain?

Thanks again.


Ken & Vicki in Japan said...

Thanks for the tut and the pics...I have done that w/o realizing that was what I was doing at times but it's nice to know it is the best way too!

Sue said...

This was very helpful. Thanks!