Friday, May 23, 2008

Musical Inspiration

Today's page is one of those I have been working on here and there and just couldn't manage to finish. Last night I pulled it up again, and right then the song "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" played on the CD player. This song is one of my all time faves, and it is kind of our family anthem. During one of our spoon parties it usually gets sung multiple times! No plain ole lullabies for my kids and grandbabies, I sang them to sleep with "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch". Password is: sugar Anyway, the page just kind of fell together then. So I will add music to my list of inspirations! On another note, along the way we seem to have picked up people who do not remember what their momma taught them about manners. I don't want to get my panties in a wad over this, but I will if it continues. It's bad enough to be dealing with the frustration of Mr. MoJo being such a stinker, I don't feel like putting up with the rude grab and run people too.
Today's gift:Link Expired
Remember your manners!


Nani said...

Music really is great inspiration! The theme kits I design all share their titles with songs and I cannot tell you how many pages have a definite song associated with them! The last layout I did with RC Mama's Let Freedom Ring (which will be on my blog this weekend) had my brain mixing Martina McBride's "Independence Day," because "let freedom ring" is a line in the song, and "To Each His Own" because that was Grandma and Papa's "our song" and the layout is about Papa.

Your layout is wonderful! I love that photo of your Mom and Dad, happy faces, love them! As far as the grab and runs, I wish there was a way of knowing if they had at least had an opinion if they won't say "thanks."

I don't use quick pages a lot, but you do great work and I find a lot of inspiration from your pages, even the ones I don't download, so I'll say thanks for that, and thanks again and again. I know that doesn't make up for the people who download and don't even leave a thank you, but rest assured that you are appreciated and loved for your generosity - from the ones too quiet to be polite and the ones who leave a mini novel in comments! hehe :D

Have a great holiday weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Great page today Vicki, love the look and feel of it, you could use this for just about ANY photo and it would shine..IT'S JUST GREAT!!

Hoping the mojo thing doesnt get you down too much, I can't imagine anything you could do that would be bad....give yourself some much deserved credit...
lady these pages always ROCK!!

As for the rude ones, well what can you do? it's like breaking a child of a bad habit...sometimes you have to take things away from children in order to get their attention...ya know?

People never appreciation what they have until it's gone, what can't we be a society of appreciation BEFORE it's gone?

On a brighter note, its a three day weekend, my daughter is preforming at Disneyland on Tuesday 4th year symphonic band *flute* I will see you when I return home......I may need a QP fo this one *wink* take care

Lori said...

Nasty ol grab n go people...

Hey, I grew up in a town in California called La Verne. hehe It's So Cal...south of Los Angeles. It's also the town that the church scene in The Graduate was filmed. The bus they are on drives right past the high school I attended AFTER it was filmed and also by the grade school I attended. And the clincher, I was married in that church my first time around. hehe

I know you wanted all that information. Cause you love me. Lots and lots. hehe

THank you for the qp do awesome work and are very generous about sharing it with us. :) HUGS

Lori said...

ARGH!!!!!! This is the second time I typing this out! Blogger had me type in the word veri TWICE and then when I came back it wasn't even here! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

Forget it. I'm pissy now. hehe

Thank you sweetie for sharing your qp's with us...I really do appreciate them.

Maybe another time I will retype the whole long comment I had left you and that disappeared into cyberspace...f'ers...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch QP. It's wonderful. But I've only recently found your blog and I'm wondering if your QPs are available for only one day. I've tried to download yesterdays QP and older ones and 4shared says that I have the wrong password. I know I've given the correct password. I'm just wondering what your policy is. Thanks Nan

Judy said...

Ohhhhh I looooooove that song Sugar Pie Honey Bunch too. It is one of my all time favourites and is included on any CD I make, its on my Ipod and hubbys MP3 player and have even got the grandkids singing it. Thanks for the QP.

Erika said...

Vicki I tried your music tactic today and it worked. Unfortunately for me most of the tunes buzzing around in my head are the kids songs LOL, I think I need one of those ipods.
Big hugs,

Dawn said...

Hi! I just came here for the first time today and I wanted to thank you for the AWESOME QPs!!! I can't wait to try them out.

As for the people who complained about the "hidden" passwords - grow up. It's usually ONE paragraph, people!!! You can't read 4-5 lines to find the password for a FREE download? Talk about lazy.

Personally I think you're funny and I enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks again!!

Wendy said...

What a pretty page, I love the shades of green. I always thought it awful that people cannot at least take a moment to comment!! Where's the gratitude? (((hugs)))

Sue said...

What a great picture of your mom and dad! Thanks for sharing your quick page.