Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pink Lemonade QP

Today's page is a LO that I made using the "Pink Lemonade" kit from JanniDee The photo is from Lilly's birthday this year. The big extravaganza had to be cancelled due to Ike, and we ended up with just Matt, Shawna, Wyatt and me for the celebration. Password is: kiss Lilly really had a candlelight birthday!

Today's gift: txbubbles-Pink Lemonade
Remember what your momma taught you!


Ash & Becky said...

Thanks for the cute page!

Susie2shoes said...

What a lovely photo, happy Bubbles and cute, cute, cute Lily. I love this QP thanks for sharing. Remember to breath deeply and think nice thoughts and that will block out all the nasty stuff that comes our way on occasions.

RaNoe said...

Thank you for the pretty QP. You are a lucky grandma. Lilly is precious.

Sue said...

This is really cute! Thanks for sharing your work. :D

Denise said...

I agree with susie2shoes, breath deeply and slowly.

Lily's birthday was probably one of her best...surrounded by love!

Thanks for the QP; really cute.

Ms Kittie said...

Thanks for this lovely QP. Lilly is a lucky little girl. She has people around her to shower her with love.

I also agree with susie2shoes, breath deeply and think nice thoughts. There is always some bad apples in the bunch.

Keep your head up and know that we love and appreciate you and all of your great designs and hard work.

Hugs from this big OKIE heart.

Cauleen said...

The page is wonderful! Thank you! Sweet Lilly is just adorable. Love the pic!

Anonymous said...

This is a very touching layout!

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful quick page - I will use it to scrap a photo of my youngest granddaughter.

FamilyHistoryScrapper said...

Thank you for the lovely page.
Kiss Lilly for us too.