Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The New Barbeque Queen of Nacogdoches

Yes, this past weekend was very good to me. Going into it, I was so exhausted I really couldn't get excited about it, and I was running so late getting things ready that I was at Hellmart @ 3:30 Friday afternoon picking up last minute stuff. (Not the meat though, I won't buy meat there). I finally made it to the Texas Thunder Harley Davidson shop about 5:00 to start getting set up. I got everything to marinating and then couldn't help but participate in the party for a little while (okay, it was really more like midnight before I left)! ROTFLPIMP!!! I overslept and was thirty minutes late getting my meat on the pit Saturday morning. It looked like a disaster just waiting to happen. Well, I decided at this point that my life has enough stress, and this event was supposed to be FUN, so I just mixed up a Bloody Mary and decided to roll with the flow. If it's cooked in time for the judging , FINE, if not, well...I will just have to learn from this and mind my P's & Q's next year! LOL! Good thinking Bubs, 'cause everything just started to smooth out. Attitude IS everything! We ended up giving away for the public consumption 8 briskets, 15 slabs of pork ribs, 80 lbs. of chicken and 15 lbs. of sausage. Now, do 'ya wanna hear the bad stuff? Okay, I had turned in my meat for the judging, and stuck some back for later. Around 3:00 we were running out of give away meat and SOMEONE served what I had saved back! That's RIGHT, I didn't even get a taste of my prize winning barbeque! What a pisser! But at this point I have sucked up so much smoke that I really didn't think much of it, I was SICK of barbeque! It wasn't till Sunday afternoon that I realized that I had totally missed out. Another lesson learned...hide it, hide it, hide it good! LOL!!!

And to answer the questions about my recipes, I will share, you just have to pinky swear that you do not compete in any Barbeque cookoffs in the Pineywoods of East Texas! Ranoe, send me a Bubbles mail and I will share the secret! ROTFLPIMP!!! Your email is not on your profile, and I will not go so far as to post my secrets here!


Sasa said...

Woo Hoo! Atta Girl!!!

Susie2shoes said...

You look so happy in the photo, happy to have won and happy 'cus of the Bloody Mary's no doubt! :D
Well done Vicki you did a really fab job. Do you win anything other than a plaque. I would have to take out a second mortgage to be able to buy all that meat and then to give it away, heck are you mad in Texas?

Pretty please may I have you recipe. I pinky swear never to pass on the recipe to anyone and I can't see me every tipping up at a Barbecue cook-offs in the Pineywoods of East Texas!

Big Hugs

chattygranny said...

you MUST have had a good time-it shows!!! Congrats!!!!kpjqqve

Nani said...

What a great and happy photo, Vicki! Congrats on your prize-winning chicken!!!

Jody said...

Please share your recipes with me too!


Thanks so much

Lori said...

You go girl! You are da bomb for sure! lol Glad you wound up having a blast and again I congratulate you on your prizes! Too bad you didn't get to taste any of it! LOL

Lisa said...

Way to go Vicki! I can't believe you didn't even get to tast it! I would love your recipes also.

Denise said...

Contratulations Vicki! I do look like you are having a great time. I would also enjoy having your recipe and I will pinky swear not to give your secret away.


Thanks for the goodies.

p.s. I could use one of those Bloody Marys right now! lol