Friday, October 10, 2008


Okay...even though I have spent 59 hours at the store this week, (due to Intuit's neglect in checking their software for bugs before releasing it, believe me when I say I have a new definition for POS, and it ain't nice! ROTFLPIMP!!!) I am going to stay and upload the Halloweenies papers and word art for ya'll, just 'cause I love ya'll so much! I started making the monster word art for one of my pages and it was so cool I wanted to share it. I made it from the CK font "Monsters". After looking at the license, I was afraid I wouldn't be able to share it, but upon very careful inspection, it says that you cannot use a derivative product for financial gain, and since I am giving it as a gift, it should be fine. Password is: scary These are probably my crappiest previews ever, but hey, cut me some slack, I've had a very bad week. LOL!
I did 'em up in both felt and the shiny epoxy (except for the orange Boo, it just wouldn't work).
The stuff should be coming Monday, I just have to get the sucky preview done.
I want to say thanks to all ya'll for the congratulations you sent my way regarding my fabulous barbeque wins, and let you know that I will be emailing the recipe requests next week (unless I have another meltdown, I still have to upgrade my QB Financial). Everybody say it with me now, "DAMN YOU, QUICKBOOKS"!!!
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And what do we say?

Vicki (who is fixin' to go drink margaritas straight from the blender pitcher!)


RaNoe said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!! Thank you so much. Sorry you are having trouble at work. There is NOTHING more frustrating than a computer.

eilajean said...

DAMN YOU QUICKBOOKS! I am sick of these software creators releasing products that mess everything else up. I had/ have the same problem with Nero. I got Nero 6 with my DVD burner, and loved it. It was easy to figure out (Eileen does not do well with manuals!). I could get it to do anything I wanted it to do. SO for Christmas last year, I got the "new and improved" Nero 8. It bogs down my computer, and crashes right in the middle of a project. And when I tried to uninstall it... it won't completely go away. It is like AOL, it nearly takes and act of God to make it go away! GRRR New and improved ~ is rarely truly "improved"! I would say LOL, but there is little amuzing about it... :o)

Thanks for sharing this fun kit with us! Have a great day.



.: Kristine :. said...

Hoisting a blender of margueritas too!!! Have a great day! :D

Jody said...

ROFLMBO Enjoy that jug of margaritas!

The WA is fabulous - thanks so much

Sue said...

Sorry you had such a bad week. Hope next week goes better.

Thanks for the cute Halloween kit! :D

Elaine said...

Love the papers, Thanks! Enjoy that pitcher of margaritas!!

Denise said...

I'm a little late but I'm ready for that cocktail!

Thanks for the cute Halloween treats.

eilajean said...

back to get the papers again... for some reason the file was corrupt... most likely a hiccup on my end. I justhate when that happens - so TY a second time for these.

Have a haapy day!


Jules said...

Hi there, I found your link over on Vicki Parkers blog and love what I see! This Halloweenies is just adorable! Thanks so much for the freebie!