Friday, October 31, 2008


The new format of 4-shared sucks. To leave a comment, you have to scroll down. Please do so, or leave it here on the blog. (I really like that, then I know when you leave one). Since this is the only form of compensation that I receive, I do tend to look forward to the ego boost that your kind words provide. I really wish someone would fill me in on why if a file that you are downloading is more than a day or two old that you don't feel the need to acknowledge the fact that you have received a gift. This is the reason that download links will be expiring on my blog. I don't care if the file is two minutes or two years old, people should have the courtesy to say thank you, not just to me, but from any designer that you download from! A few words go a long way towards making a designer's day!
txbubbles (aka the Emily Post of the digital scrapbooking world)


roxined said...

I am new to this whole blog thing and to digital scrapbooking. Every time I try to leave a comment I have to log in, type my password and then I can leave a comment. There has to be an easier way to not have to log in and go through all of that every time I want to make a comment. Hmm, maybe I don't know what I am doing. ??
Well, anyway. I just found your blog today. I have gotten, I believe, everything you have on here to download. Loved it all! Instead of leaving a quick TY on each one, I thought I would write a longer TY right now since I just found you. I hope this is acceptable to leave a comment here in one spot. If not, I will read your thoughts when I visit next time. In the future, I will leave them one by one since I won't have to catch up!I wanted to give you a HUGE thank you for the great QP's! I just love the August kit you did and the Mango kit.
I have not yet scrapped anything digitally. I am kind of collecting. I think I am a bit intimidated as I have scrapped traditionally for 13+ years. I bought a wide format printer a few months ago but it has not printed anything yet!
I am amazed at all the talent I have seen and have no clue how all you talented ladies do this stuff.
THANK YOU for sharing!

Ashley said...

I agree that comments are great. I too wish I had more of them. It's hard to tell when people like your stuff if they never tell you. Anyway I'm glad that you liked my ladybug baby side bar image. I am quite fond of it myself!

Hippo Scraps

Petra said...

God... I had just finishd my comment and then it was gone. No I am writing this for the second time.

Who fits the shoe must wear it. Please don't look at my spelling because my English is not so great.

I am that person who downloads more than comments. I have to translate a lot of words to write a comment. That's no excuse, I know.

Since a day or two I have found youre blog. I love it! Youre designs are great. And most of all I love youre QP's.

Sorry for not leaving comments. Youre right about just saying thnxs.
Sometimes I just forget that there is a person behind a website or blog.


(The Netherlands)

Joy said...

Thank you for all your wonderful designs!! I just love all the colors!
Your grandkids are soooo cute!!!

Carime said...

Dear Ms Bubbles,

Thank you so much for your beautiful art. My grandma is from Lubbock, Texas and she will not let me download anything until I say Thank You.

She is teaching me how to make all my pictures really pretty and I really like to spend all that time with my grandma doing this.

I am going to download the felt watermelon and it is so cute. It really looks like I can touch the felt. I am going to use it on the picture with my blue ribbon for winning the watermelon seed spitting contest for 8 year olds.

I am glad that my grandma found your blog.

Thank you very much.


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Elsie said...

I love the way you "command" a thank you or comment.

Lack of comments is really the reason why I am not blogging so regularly any more. It does take a lot of time, effort and mostly creativity to share things with people and then nothing, nada, zip, nilch. So I have been asking myself, why do you do this??

Then again, is it not for the love of sharing that we sit in front of the pc for hours?

I love your creations and the fact that you share so unselfishly (correct word?, home language is Afrikaans and sometimes English spelling and grammar is a problem)

What I actually wanted to say is, I wish I had your courage to ASK/DEMAND a thank you or comment.

Great way to go.

I have only been scrapping for a few months (when I have time) but love your site and the lovely designs you offer for free.

I especially like the old papers and the curled folded edges you use. Do you make them yourself? I would love to find a tutorial on how to do it as I have discovered Photoshop again in the past few weeks and really enjoy working in it.

It was actually the first graphics program my brother taught me to use 10 years ago but for some reason I never liked it, but since I started doing scrapbooking, I find it such a wonderful program.

I do tend to ramble a lot... What I actually want to know, is there a tutorial anywhere on the internet for making these curled edges?

I have not been able to find one and I have done some intensive searching for it. Have you ever considered doing tutorials? Think your fans would love it if you do it. I know I would!!!

Ok, I am off to grab something wonderful from your offers.

Stay well and keep creating.

Elsie from South Africa

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your time and talent with us. I appreciate your hard work on our behalf... and recently you have had 101 other things to take care of other than making goodies for us, but you have taken the time to make them anyhow and share them so generously. Thank you again.

lynda said...

I do leave a unique comment on each goodie I download as I appreciate the time you put into them. Thank you for those who don't have time or 4shared doesn't cooperate. Hugs lynda and I hope you realize I appreciate all you do ;)

The Warren Family said...

Hey! I just discovered your blog today. You are super talented. I LOVE your style. I'm so bummed that your links are expired, but I hear ya about the lack of appreciation. I'm dying for your Autumn Dreams QP. I there any way I can get it? Thanks for sharing your talent! I'll definately be checking back! Have a fabulous weekend!

KendiRN said...

Terrific blog and awesome goodies you so generously share! Leaving a big TY for all the goodies I collected toady!

sparkx said...

Beautiful freebies, thank you for giving x

April said...

Hi, I'm new to all this digital blogging, scrapbooking, downloading and commenting and I just found you. I have seen many of your layouts on Vicki of AWP's blog however and they are wonderful! Sometimes I can't get this blogger comment thing to work. However, that said, I really appreciate what you do and your willingness to share!!!!

Sandy said...

Some of your sidebar photos crack me up! Great blog!!