Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just a Little Update

Busy, busy, busy!!! It's getting down to crunch time on the third quarter, so things are a little hairy around here. I have a couple of things in the works, and I just got KimB's big 'ole fabulous commercial grab bag today, and new actions from Atomic Cupcake, so I will have plenty of stuff to keep me busy. For the immediate future, everything about my blog will stay the same. The ids are still leaving anonymous comments on 4shared, but now they are using different names and being really sappy and snarky. For the time being, I am doing as so many suggested and just deleting them and going on. I think that we will just try to get over this nasty little event and go on about our business. Maybe the idiots will just get tired and go away. I can only hope. LOL!!! The enrolling on Google won't work because it is limited to 100 readers and I won't leave any of my sweet regular readers with their nose pressed up against the glass! I really don't want to go the subscription route, because that would mean more work for me, and I have also decided that I shouldn't let a few incredibly stupid people dictate the way I manage my blog. Just to make it clear, if I do decide to go subscription, there will be no charge, I never intended to make money from this, I don't need it, and that would make it seem too much like a job! I already have a job that I can barely keep up with! I have compiled a list of everyone that would subscribe if it comes down to that, and I will post an official notice if I do decide to go in that direction. Ya'll have a good night.


Ms Kittie said...

Good evening. Hope you have a good one. I just wanted to check in to see what you were up to. Have a great day tomorrow. Keep your head up. You rock.

Sue said...

This sounds like a wise choice, but whatever you decide is fine. I appreciate all the work you share. If there are still those who chose to act nasty, it is a reflection on them. They aren't worth your time.

Denise said...

Good for you bubbles! You will feel much better letting it go. Screw them!

Kel said...

Glad to hear that nothing is changing for now, just keep smiling. Trying to fight off a cold to take the lil ones out on Friday -- have a great weekend.

eilajean said...

There is no room in the world for "haters". Glad you are letting it go. You have a great Day.

Lori said...

I know my flag bribed you to put me at the top of said list....right? *halo*

Susie2shoes said...

Oh Vicki, people can be just rotten sometimes. You are doing the right thing by doing what's right for you. Someone flipped me the bird today, I think that's what you call it in the US, I just smiled and waved at her. I think I came of better don't you?

Hope this busy period goes quickly and we can have our mad, crazy, 'fag-ash Lil' back with us soon.

Susie aka Toots, Pyro and the BBQ queen of a small Hamlet in Hampshire, England

Big Hugs
Mwah x

Lisa said...

Good for you Vicki! Remember, put me on that list!!

Nani said...

Whatever you decide, please keep me on the list! I don't download everything, but I say thank you when I do! (Heck, I even say thank you when I comment if you make me smile with your story of the day!)

It's just a crying shame that the grab and run folks couldn't just continue be rude that way and just leave it alone. They had to find new ways to be rude. You obviously struck a nerve. But if they felt guilty, why didn't they just say thank you instead of taking that precious time they don't have to cry about feeling guilty?

Point blank, if they know it offends you, it's rude to do it or not do it. If you found use of the word "ginger" to be rude, a visitor to your blog shouldn't care why, they should refrain from using "ginger" in the comments. So it's the same with a simple thank you - even if they disagree about not saying thank you as being rude, they are in your "house," they should abide by your house rules!