Thursday, October 23, 2008

• Posted by lulabell&wafers
Oct 22, 2008 10:39:35 PM
Vicki, you say you place a great value on manners, but your negative attitude & nasty mouth says otherwise. Never have I visited such an unfriendly blog as yours! It doesn't sound like your having fun at all, now does it? There are a lot more appreciative designers out there. Guess's not all about you!! Shame on you!!!

To: lulabell&wafers
I only get a bad attitude when people such as you post crap like this. If you think I have a nasty mouth, you must have been raised in a convent. I don't recall inviting you to my blog, and if you perceive it as unfriendly, maybe you won't be back. I can't understand what a designer would have to appreciate from ungrateful grab and run people such as you. I have plenty of fun till I have to put up with such self-important, everyone owes me something idiots such as you. And yes, it IS all about me. This is MY blog and these are MY designs. And one last thing, YOU are the one that should be ashamed. You downloaded my stuff , insulted me, and still didn't say thank you.

What is this? Bash Vicki week? I haven't had such a problem with this crap till some people started posting my blog on "freebie" sites without my permission. We had our own little special group of regulars here and that is exactly how I like it. I don't want my blog to be one that gets thousands of hits. My blog is NOT a freebie site. It is my little place on the web to say what I want about whatever subject I choose, and to share some of my creations with friends.

If I go to subscription on Blogger, it is limited to 100 readers, and you must have a Google identity. Another option is to have a monthly password for the readers that ask to be a part of my group, kind of like JanniDee, but I won't charge a fee.

I will ponder this, and my friends are welcome to let me know what they would prefer.
Don't PANIC! None of ya'll regulars are gonna miss anything! I so look forward to what you have to say everyday, and I do appreciate each and every one of you. This is just to stop the anonymous BS from the grab & runs.


Susie2shoes said...

Panic mode here ...... I want to subscribe NOW please. Bloomin' heck Vicki where do these people come from and which bitter pills have they been chewing on.

I had a bit of hate mail when I first posted back in 2005. It crushed me for a while and I think that's why people do it, it's how they get their kick.

Turn the other cheek, yes my darling, pull down you pants and moon at the miserable old cows.

I will probably get hate mail now but I don't give a hoot!!

Sasa said...

LOL - I'm with Susie! Panic mode!!!!! Sign me up NOW!

Please don't leave me out in the cold! I would miss you too much! Count me in whatever you decide!

Oh, and MY favorite expression for these people is . . .

"Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!"

Love you!

Cauleen said...

Vicki, my 2 cents? You are absolutely right! When you get a gift, say "thank you". Why do people visit a blog and get a nasty attitude? No one invited them, anyway! They DEFINATELY aren't wanted!

Put me on your list. I'd miss you terribly if I was excluded from your party!

eilajean said...

Ditto to what the girls said. You know, when you got hit with the Hurricane, I checked everyday to see that you were OK... I missed your blog, more out of concern, and less about anything you might have to offer. Those are the people you want around your little spot on the web... and we will be here whichever way you decide to go. The other petty wenches do not matter. You can LOOK beyond them. Cuz you ROCK, and you know it!

Suzi said...

Some people have no life, so they obviously have nothing better to do. I don't blame you for telling them off! You go girl!!!

Lisa said...

Hi Vicki, Whatever you decide, put me on the list. I don't want to be on the outside looking in with my nose pressed up against the glass!!

Ms Kittie said...

Vicki I agree with all the others. I want in on what ever you do. Some people like the grab and runs need to keep on running. They also need to take a chill pill. You hang in there girl!! You are in the top 5 that I visit because I enjoy what you have to say. If you give something away that is a plus. Keep your head up and know that your true friends are always here for you.

Kel said...

I for one have just found your blog, so I am by no means a "regular" at least not yet, but I would like to be. YEs, I think I may have found it thru a freebie link but I read you blog backwards not to get your freebies but because I thought it was well written and funny and you aren't afraid to speak your mind, that is why I keep reading it. So hopefully if you choose to go a subscription only route I will be invited to come along

Pat said...

Hi Vicki, I belong to Jan's membership club and also joined Anita's. From my experience with these two clubs, while I love their designs, I feel that having a "membership" following puts a lot of pressure on the designer. When "life" happens, and it always does, you have the "weight" of "having to perform" on your shouldars. Personally, I would do the "bloggie" thing. Design & post what you want when you want! Of course, if you need "income" to support your "habit", then that is a different matter. Anywho. . . sign me up too! I personally like your blog and also believe in saying "thanks" when I am given something! Take care!

Anonymous said...

I certainly understand your frustration. I am a very new digital designer and I have posted on my site and a couple other places for freebies and asked specifically for feedback to help me get better, and I still don't get much of anything either. I guess it doesn't matter what you do, some people are out to get what they can from whomever they can, however they can.

And, as with some of the other posts to this blog, SIGN ME UP NOW!

Thanks for all you do for us and all the goodies that you so freely share with us. I hope the good outweighs the bad most of the time. But as the old saying goes... one bad apple... (can spoil the whole bunch!)

Michele said...

it seems like some people's only goal in life is to make everyone else as miserable as they themselves are.. why, who knows..but karma always has a way of evening things out in the end. Don't let the small minds ruin your fun, too many of us truly enjoy and look forward to your blog everyday, not just for the free stuff. That's an added bonus and truly a great gift which we all thank and really appreciate you for doing it. Which ever way you decide to go, put me on your lists, please.
Have a great day

juno said...

Love your blog, I read every entry and enjoy seeing your work even when I don't download. Sincere thanks

Ash & Becky said...

Just make it private to keep all the grab and run people out (but definitely invite me to be a reader!) For the person who thinks that it takes to much time to say thank you for everything you download because there is so much out there...they must be downloading too much! When do they have time to actually scrapbook? Some poeple just have nothing better to do than bitch and moan about something!

Meg said...

Vicki you have a valid point about saying you want your blog to be where you hang out, say your bit, and happen to have digiscrap stuff to share, rather than becoming a "freebie site". I am an advocate for having a Google identity -- it's free anyways so that shouldn't be too much to ask. I am very glad to know "the true you" rather than go on a flash in the pan judgment... especially so much so to comment negatively about it. The "blogosphere" is a vast space, plenty of room for all types.
Please keep your chin up. I love your designs and I am so thrilled about your CT "partnership" w/AWPvicki. You _are_ appreciated! ~Meg