Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Some September Stuff for Ya!

Told ya'll I went all over the place with this month's swatch. Here's the felt versions of the "Stuff". The box and dome are compliments of Deb @ http://thescrappincop.blogspot.com/, ya'll have her to thank for saving you from my usual crappy previews. I just love the glass dome, it makes me feel so "cosmopolitan". ROTFL!!!! (That's a line from one of my all time fave movies, "Michael".)
Password is: felt Hope ya'll enjoy the fruits of my Ike induced boredom, evidently he and Mr. Mojo are buddies! LOL!!! Although I have to say, when it comes right down to brass tacks, Ike can kiss my big 'ole Texas butt, I just want a hot shower! I am so tired of taking a sponge bath in the sink at work!

I need to thank http://eilajean.blogspot.com/ for the award she so graciously gave me. I know a thousand camels are gonna probably crap all over my blog, but I do not have the time now to go through everything that is required to pass this on, please forgive me, I do appreciate the recognition.

Now for your scrapping pleasure I give you the felt version of the September Color Stuff. I learned a few new tricks and had a blast making these! I really like the felt look for fall, you know, that warm and fuzzy feel. As usual, I left them on the large side, so you can scale to whatever size you like without loss of quality. Let me know what you think!

Gift for today: LINK EXPIRED
What do we say?
Hugs to all ya'll,
Vicki (who is really pissed about going into DAY FOUR with no power or water)


Ms Kittie said...

OMG! Girl you rock.
I am so sorry about all the storm stuff you are facing. Hope you get your power back soon.

Last December with the OK ice storm we went 10 days without power and it was freezing. Hope you don't go that long.

Keep smiling! Have a great day and OH Thank you for sharing.((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

i LUV these.....felt n autumn....what's not to like....lol...thank you

Vicki (Chickivaney) said...

Just now gettin by to catch up on your goodies. Snagged the last of August's kit & got caught up on September's. Love everything BTW! Now, for the rest...I see you joined the "50" club! I've been a member for 2 years now! LOL! Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday! Also, glad to hear you & yours faired (fairly) well thru the Hurricane. The good ole USA is really catchin it lately huh? Thanks again, and stay safe!

Melissa said...

(hugs) I hope that you get power soon!!

Lori said...

You have a ways to wait for power don't ya? You said it could take a month? Holy cow it's gonna suck! Maybe you need to go to the casino this weekend so you can shower? *Halo over my head*

Thanks for the goodies!

RaNoe said...

I'm so sorry for the suffering that is going on in my home state. I do hope you get all your utilities back on soon. Thanks for the "felt." It is gorgeous.

Sue said...

Hope your get power and water soon.

Thanks for the super elements! I love this kit. :)