Sunday, September 14, 2008

And just because I am feeling so lucky to come through this as well as I have, here's a page for 'ya! Password is: hunt
Another gift for today! LINK EXPIRED
what do we say?


Melissa said...

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

this is just lovely...thank you

Susie2shoes said...

I'm so relieved you and your family are safe, good to see you had a fab burpday. Thanks for all the lovely freebies, big big hugs

RaNoe said...

Dear Ms. Post,
Thank you so very much for the beautiful quick page.
Your biggest fan,

PS: I LOVE your sense of humor. You are a riot.

Jody said...

Well I am so thankful you came through the storm relatively good. I just heard one of our fellow scrappers who lived on Galveston Island lost pretty well everything. The main thing everyone is safe.

I am sorry you won't have your power for a while though, that is a pain - but one I know you can live with. You are always so resourceful.

I love your September kit and thank you for sharing - bright Autumn colors will perk up everyones day.

Ms Kittie said...

Thank you for sharing. So glad you and your family are safe. Have a Great day!!!

Sasa said...

Hi Vicki!

So glad to hear everyone was OK through the storm . . . but your generosity really goes just too far - you really didn't need to share Ike with us all the way up here in Southeastern Michigan! We had Ike-spawned storms and tornadoes and so much rain that there is flooding all over the area! Like I said, SO very generous of you! (tee hee)

LY, take care, & GB!

Denise said...

Thank you; it looks so Thankgivingly! (i doubt this is a word)

Petra said...

Love the lay out of this QP. Great job and thnxs.


nanasax said...

Great job on the QP and glad to know ya made it thru IKE ok
still haven't heard from a couple folks down there so lots of prayers are still needed
thanks again for all you do for us

Cauleen said...

Gorgeous! Thanks tons for taking the time to upload this for us. You're amazing!

Lori said...

Now see, I think that's gorgeous! I would have never even tried that many leaves for fear of it looking too 'gaudy'. But it doesn't! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Elaine said...

Thank you, pretty QP