Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Big Five Oh

Sorry guys, I've been trying to get everything done because I am taking the rest of the day off to celebrate my birthday. I'll have a margarita for ya'll! LOL!!! See ya' tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday

Vicki said...

Just one?? I don't believe you!! ;o)
Have a fab birthday. Big hugs xx

Ash & Becky said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's great!

roxined said...

Enjoy your day and your

Nani said...


And I believe it's just one margarita. Really, do!

(You never did tell us how big the glass is!) ;)


Elaine said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have a couple of margaritas for me, yummm

Denise said...

Happy Birthday! And did you say the Big Five Oh. I will be in December. Enjoy those margarita's!

Ms Kittie said...

Happy Birthday Girl. Hope it is a great one. ((HUGS))

Michele said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !! I hope your day if filled with lots of Love, Laughter and great Memories..

Sasa said...

Woo Hoo - Birthday girl!

Since I'm a little late, I hope you celebrate again today and have ANOTHER margarita . . . . or two!


Susie2shoes said...

Hi Vicki have a fantabulous birthday. Just on thing though, I think you will find it's you forty tenth birthday, silly you!

I am forty, tenty one lol... see how it goes. then when we are 60 it goes forty, twenty, followed by "do you want a black eye", if asked your age!

Yes you are right I am and I do feel a bit mad today, I guess it's 'cus it NOT raining here today hurrah.

Love ya loads girl, have a good one xxx

Lori said...

Hey! I missed it? I'm sorry! HUGSSSSS Hope it was a good birthday and the margarita's were yummy!

Meg said...

OMG happy happy happy happy happy belated birthday!!!!! (five happys and five exclamation points, each times ten!)
I really wish all the time I used to have for scrapping and browsing blogs. I have been MIA for months because I got a new job so I'm catching up a bit at a time.
You're inspiring to keep being creative and to keep a smile on one's face. :-D ::hugs::