Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New September Page

I finished up this LO last night. These photos are of the trees that came down at Matt and Shawna's home. Honestly, it was much worse than it than it appears in the pics. Matt had already cut up the tree that fell and was blocking the drive. We are just thankful that they didn't actually fall ON anything.Password is: fell Matt had a premonition and moved their new truck out into the middle of the street moments before one fell across the driveway. If he hadn't, it would've been crushed. The trees that came down in the backyard just missed Wyatt and Lilly's new swing set. Shawna and I are trying to convince Matt that now there is room cleared out for a pool! Heck, the way they came up roots and all, the hole is already started! ROTFLMAO!!!
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What do we say?


Vicki said...

How frightening!! But, I agree - a pool is the way forward! Hugs x

Dana G. said...

That's just something about the truck. And would you really want to clean up a built in pool after another hurricane? hmmmm???? hehe

The leaves on this layout are GORGEOUS! I love them. Thanks for sharing the qp hun. You know I love ya!

Lori said...

Ok so that comment you got from "Dana"? Well I was trying to help her with her blog layout earlier and my computer held her sign on! ARGH!!!!! So THAT comment is actually from ME!!!!!!!!

ROFL No I'm not high....yet

Elaine said...

Thank you for the QP. Yes, sounds like the beginning of a pool!!

Susie2shoes said...

Blimey, how frightening. If not a pool, how about a jacuzzi. I went in one last month and thought I'd died and gone to heaven! Hope your life is getting back to normal ... perhaps normal isn't the right word ;) LOL!

Big Hugs :D

Denise said...

Thank you. I vote for the pool! Glad everyone and thing is okay.

Nani said...

Nasty guy, that Ike! But you're right, a swimming pool is just the thing to thumb your nose at Ike too! ;)

I love today's quick page, Vicki! Nice and woodsy and fall-ish! Thank you!!