Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike News

Well, it's 4:45 now, and we are already having some pretty heavy wind. As soon as I get through backing up all my accounting files I am heading for the hacienda. Updated predictions are for landfall before midnight, and our area to get 90+ mph winds sustained for at least 10 hours and 12" or more of rain. It is supposed to still be a category one when it hits East Texas. I thought I had moved far enough north so that I wouldn't have to ever ride out a hurricane again, but I was wrong, wrong, WRONG! First Rita and now Ike. This sucker is BIG!!! It is covering the whole Gulf of Mexico and is bigger than the State of Texas!
As long as the electricity holds out, I am gonna try to get the stuff finished for the September Color kit. If I work in PhotoShop my laptop battery only lasts for an hour or so. I will go nuts if I can't scrap. After all, there will be nothing else to do, except drink margaritas as long as there is ice to make them with. There is no more ice to be had in town, I have 32 lbs. to last for the duration. Oh, NO! It just hit me! No electric=no blender! ARGHHH! I'm really not an "on the rocks" person. Damn you Ike! ROTFLPIMP!!!
Oh, there is something I want to pass on that I found to be absolutely hilarious! Ya'll know there are always people that won't leave their home no matter what. Galveston authorities issued a bulletin this afternoon (this is the honest truth, I swear!) that said "If you refuse to leave your home, please get a magic marker and write your social security number on your arm so we can identify your dead body." If that doesn't get the message across that you need to get your ass out of Dodge, I don't know what would!
I will post updates when I can.


Anonymous said...

Stay safe. Hope you don't get too much bad weather. Maybe a backup generator would help pass the time with your laptop!! :)

Vicki said...

Please, please, please stay safe Vicki. I'll be thinking of you. Big hugs xx

amers said...

the storm looks really really bad. i hope you and your family are ok. i am pretty sure you have no power, so when you see this know we are thinking of all of you in the storm zone.

eilajean said...

HI Vicki,

I am hoping you rode out the strm OK. I have an award for you on my blog. Just to say thank you for being so good at what you do.

Denise said...

I hope you, your family and home are safe and sound. I will keep you all in my prayers.

Lori said...

I was happy to see you post yesterday on my blog. I'm so glad that you and yours made it through safely.
HUGS Vicki!