Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike Update

Just in case anyone is interested, they are predicting that we will get tropical storm winds here(35-40 mph) and possibly 6-8" of rain, nothing at all like Rita. The main problem right now is that HWY 59 and HWY 69 are both shut down for south bound traffic due to all the evacuees. . I will be taking the back roads home tonight. The only other things of note is heaven help you if you happen to need something from Hellmart, reports are that checkout lane times are 1 hour+. I wonder if they will bring in the National Guard this time, they had to do that when Rita came because people just wouldn't leave the Hellmart! Hmmm...prison or Hellmart? That is a tough one, seems like pretty much the same to me! And...Lilly's 2nd birthday party was planned for Saturday, now postponed until the 20th, damn, I would go to the boats, but all the hotel rooms are probably taken up for sure! I guess I'm just 'gonna toodle on home via the back roads, mix up another pitcher of margaritas, make sure my laptop is charged up and let 'er blow! ROTFLPIMP!!!


Nani said...

Sending a payer your way that everything is okay and the backroads home is the only inconvenience you have to put up with, Vicki!

Been watching the waves beating up the road in Galveston on the Weather Channel! Galveston isn't too far from you, is it? (remember to a Michigan-born girl, anything less than 2 hours in a car is close!)

Take care and enjoy the occasion for more margaritas!

eilajean said...

Good Luck... Will be thinking hopeful thoughts for all of y'all down south. FYI, I tried to print something full bleed using the info I sent you, and it worked. But... it cropped a little off, so I wonder if it would work to downsize the image about 2 tenths of an inch or so? Don't know, will let you know next time I print something.

Stay dry and enjoy the margarita.