Thursday, June 12, 2008

Really Quick Page

This is a fast page I threw together last night before I collapsed. Goodness Gerty, I need a vacation to get over the vacation! ROTFLMAO!!! You can add a title in the top corner, use two photos, or one photo and tuck some paper in the other frame for journaling. Password is: beach I am going to try and find the time to put together a slide show. I just need a few 36 hour days and maybe I could make some progress on all the stuff I have to do! At least I have one page done. Now all I have to do is wade through the other three hundred pics. The underwater photos did not turn out well, there were a bunch of Gumbies that had the silt stirred up, so the vis sucked. I hope that by tomorrow I can get back on schedule with posting, but please don't hold your breath! BTW, thanks so much for all the wonderful comments regarding "Dolphin Nana". It was truly a very special, emotional experience for me. I bawled like a baby the first time he swam up and let me touch him!

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Erika said...

Vicki if you find those 36 hour days send some my way. I can't stop looking at that dolphin photo, it is just magic, and a great shot of you. It's just a shame I have to scroll down past your main man Glen with his "o" face - if you know what I mean LOL.
Big hugs,

kicksmom said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe your back to the scrapping screen already, awesome page Vicki, love how you attached the frames to the page...I hope you got alot of photos of that dolphin, as scared as I am of water, that is an experience I would love to have, playing snuggles with one of those beauties!
Thanks again for the super QP, welcome back to the scrapping world, it was lonely without you around! =)

PS I am with erika, move up on top of Glen ;) *giggles*

Cauleen said...

Dolphin Nana is the greatest pic! Just love how happy you look. Nice to have you back....

Sue said...

Love the colors of your layout! I wish I had some of those 36-hour days, too! Thanks for sharing.