Monday, June 30, 2008

Pigtails and Tattoos

This came in from my biggest fan, Rena!
"ok lady I need a QP fix, I get the feeling there is a FRILLY one in ya, *taunting* Come On......Come On, you know you want to......I dare ya....make a FRILLY....Come on show us your FRILLY Side.....Bwahaaahaaa"
So, being the kind of person that will never pass up a dare, I came up with this! A compromise, if you will! Not really frilly, but it did give me a foo-foo fix. (Thanks, girlfriend, for giving me the excuse!) I used the newest kit from Anita called "Early Summer". Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers as she struggles through this very difficult time in her life. This photo is of Miss Lilly sporting her pigtails and tattoo. Shawna took her to visit her friend Michelle in Dallas for the weekend, and she came home with this! Password is: tat It did finally wash off. Now, on to some other stuff. It has been brought to my attention that some of the older links are broken. Evidently when 4shared changed format, something happened, it wasn't me. It's 'gonna take me a while to go through every one and re-upload, but I will get them fixed. I'll post to let ya'll know when I get 'em done. Until then, if any of you come across one that says file not valid, if you could shoot me an email and tell me which one, it would certainly help.
Regarding this past weekend, Rena...get the rope!!! No t-shirt, no toaster. And that's all I have to say about that! LOL!!! And here's what you've been waiting for!

Today's gift:Link Expired

Oh! And last but certainly not least, everybody say it with me...TURD! TURD! TURD!


Rena said...

good morning Vicki,
thanks for the amazing page! its wonderful as always...I knew a real Texas gal couldnt refuse a dare...lmao! foo-foo ROCKS !!

my suggestion for the anon post:
I think that every once in a while you should throw the word "TURD" into your blog, just because we all know for a fact, that the coward who made that statement will still be coming here DAILY to get her grab and go fix, you know she will still be lurking in the shadows secretly keeping tabs on all you do, you know each time she looks at your pages in her scrapbook she will see "turds" floating in her tiny little close minded brain...give her what she is really looking for attention...then when she least expects it FLUSH.....LMAO!!!

Susie2shoes said...

I love Frilly's thanks so much Vicki, I've just replied to your lovely email.

Hugs & Turds ;)

Lori said...

ROFL at Rena!


THanks for the qp..I am a fan of foo foo too! Although, I do have boys to scrap for so I have enjoyed all the 'not so foo foo'. :)

chicapooh said...

Cute page! Thank you! I love the pig-tails. I miss that with my son! I have to tell my self every day, NO BOWS! LMBO

Micki said...

Frilly and adorable! I love it :) Thanks so much

Sue said...

Such a bright, cheery page! Thanks for sharing it.