Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Back!

At long last, here is the rest of Cancun Dreams. There are lots of swirly doodles,strings, frames (one wrapped) frame wraps, two flowers, a starfish and a shell. These are probably the crappiest of my crappy previews, but hey...I did these on the fly. Shadows are in the previews only. Now here's the story...hardly any of this goes with my pictures! I'm gonna' start a new kit with more blues and greens. I am particularly proud of the hanging frame, it is suspended by eyelets and string. The starfish is pretty cool too. Password is: finally I left everything in a large size, so you can adjust to size without loss of quality. It all really does look better than the previews. Anyway, no big long post today, I am having severe mango daquiri withdrawal, and I still have to wash loads of clothes and get ready to hit the grindstone tomorrow. Rest assured, there will be plenty of stories and pics in the days to come! Be sure to check out "Dolphin Nana" on your left!

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Erika said...

Wow, welcome back, that is a gorgeous photo with the dolphin. It is amazing, I got to do it once. Hubby was diving on the weekend with 15 whales, a turtle as big as your car bonnet and some sharks. Can't wait to see the rest of your photos.
Big hugs,

Jody said...

Welcome back! I hope you had a terrific time in Cancun. I do so love these additions to the kit. Thanks so much.

Get some rest after that holiday

Ms Kittie said...

Welcome Back!.
Great picture with dolphin. Cant wait to see the rest of the pictures.

OH! I am a New Grandma. Jude was born June 11, at 9:48 pm Can't wait to hold him.

Have a great day and get some rest.

Lori said...

WOOHOO!!! You're back and you had fun! I love the pic of you with the dolphin! I have never done anything like that...maybe someday.
I really love the colors of the kit. But you know, I am always so drawn to blues/greens too so I can't wait for that one.
THank you, with the trip and all that life has for you right now, for creating and sharing with us...freely.
I really appreciate you 'nana'...hehe.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Vicki, love the photo of you and the dolphin...SUPER!
The elements for those CANCUN papers are WOW'ser....Thanks

I cant wait to hear more about the vacation and see more photos...

Glad to have you back, Im on the run today,,,chat again soon. Rena

rebecca said...

hope you had great time thanks for the gifts got to look at your pictures

Sue said...

Very nice frames and elements! I like the hanging frame, too. I also especially like the doodle, swirls and ropes. Those will be fun to use. Thanks for sharing your talent.

starcraftchamp08 said...

I'm saying thank you in both places because you are so nice to share your fun stuff with us digi-scrappers! Great papers and I love hearing about your vacation! Bless you for sharing!