Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cool in the Pool

I took this shot of Matt the Brat and My Girl Shawna in the pool right outside of their room. The paper, frames and bubbles are from the June kit, I just adjusted the color to go with the pool water. I don't know about ya'll, but I really like the way these crinkled up papers go with water photos. Password is: cool I just want to let ya'll know how much I appreciate all your wonderful comments on my photos, pages and blog in general. I'm not sure how much longer we are going to be in vacation mode, I would really like to get my book finished before I start on anything else, but I don't know how much longer I can go without a foo-foo fix! It's been a LOOONG time! Just last night I found myself looking at some pink paper and ribbons! LOL!!!!
Lady Zip wants to know if the whole family went to Cancun. This year only Matt, Shawna, Mom, Dad and I went. The trip this year came together really fast, and my oldest son David (the ship captain) could not rearrange his schedule so that he and his family could go. After seeing the pics and hearing about it, he is already planning for next year! Matt was a stinker and wouldn't let me take Wyatt and Lilly, he said he and Shawna wanted to be able to relax. However, everyone is on board for Cancun 2009! It should be absolutely awesome! I can hardly wait to take Wyatt and Lilly to visit my dolphin friends.
I was LMAO at Rena adding the dolphins and jackpots to her "bucket list"! The dolphin swim was actually on mine (we have always called it the croak list). Now I just have to get started on those sax lessons!

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Nani said...

I like the page with the "water drips" n it, Vicki! Looks great!

Cancun 2009? Wanna adopt me? LOL

Such fun seeing your wrap up and pages from your vacation!


Anonymous said...

good morning!
Loved the post today especially the babble! yes! that layout looks like you can almost jump right in it, refreshing to even look at! thank you...I dont think anyone could possibly be tired of these rounds of photos, layouts or stories...I have plenty of uses for these pages Vicki, your work is so versatile,,,almost any photo can work on your pages, that is what makes them so great!!

Another thing before I go, you know I keep saying we have so much in common its almost scary? well today just proves it again...your croak list and my bucket list.
Then you go an mention those sax lessons....well see here again we are so similar.....but this time you just missed it by a letter! LMAO
*evil grin inserted here*
thanks again

Kim S. said...

Thank you! This will be great for my son's first swimming experience!

Anonymous said...

Just checking in today to say HI and see of course if you have posted any new "beauties" for us...YES I will admit it, I come here daily, in hopes for another JEWEL for my collection.....LOL!

ok I just wanted you to know I took my first "fax" lesson, (yes I read chapter one of the manual) I should be up and faxing in no time.......*pause for a moment*.....VICKI, you didnt think I meant "SEX" in that earlier post did you? *gotcha* LMAO!! Rena

Sue said...

I love the background of this page! I have a lot of photos this will work with. THANKS!