Friday, June 27, 2008

Raining Buckets

I finally managed to finish a page!
This is another simple LO that should work well for a variety of photos. It seems like simple is all I can do these days! The day that we went shopping in Playa Del Carmen a big thunderstorm came up. I'm talkin' a real turd floater! Rather than walk in the pouring rain, we did the sensible thing and ducked into the nearest bar. They were offering buckets of beer, so sitting out the storm wasn't so bad. The very friendly waiter just kept 'em coming. Password is: bucket It's a good thing we were riding on a bus!
I'm not sure what the weekend holds, I am hearing those slot machines calling! Do you hear them? Listen. "Vicki...come give us all your money!" ROTFLPIMP!!!
Hope ya'll have a great one!
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Lori said...

Too funny about the beer AND the the casinos. I hear that call too...but I don't wanna give them my money! lol
thank you for the qp!

Anonymous said...

VICKI, someone needs to take that "ROPE" off your QP and tie you up with it!! You are sure bound and determined to make a donation to that medal box, that makes 'dem purddddy sounds......LMAO!!

Thanks for the TERRIFIC QP!

Jody said...

You must have been floating! BTW I love simple - the QPs you have been making for your Cancun trip are awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.

Sue said...

You do a GREAT job with layouts! Thanks for sharing your work.