Saturday, June 21, 2008

Poor Neglected Blog Readers

A Saturday post for my poor neglected blog readers! I am so sorry for being MIA yesterday, everthing just kinda' crashed down on me at work. However, I am being a good girl and keeping my butt out of the casino this weekend, so maybe I will finally get some rest and make some pages! I do have to tell ya'll, it is awfully hard after last weekend, though. I hit two really big jackpots (see "Slot Nana") and it is SOOO tempting to go give some of it back! ROTFLPIMP!!! Password is: beach This page uses stuff from both the June kit and Cancun Dreams. If you wanted, you could pop some paper in the wrapped frame and use it for your title. In other news, I spent a couple of hours trying to make a video so you could see the foot push, but I can't make it work. I did manage to put together a short slideshow accompanied by the fabulous Delbert song "Sandy Beaches". If Google video ever finishes processing it I will add it to the blog for your viewing enjoyment! Well, I finally got it uploaded, I am not real pleased with Google video, it cut off a lot of the pics. I will continue to try!!! I do believe I should stick to accounting, it is painfully evident that I'm not much of a movie producer! An addendum to this post; as I was trying to upload the slide show, an ungrateful wretch dared to download this page and not leave any love. HOW DARE YOU? I worry about not posting freebies and then you just grab and run! Did your Momma not teach you anything? I thought we had gotten rid of all the rude people, but evidently I was wrong. You know who you are, and you should be ashamed!

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Remember your manners!


Nani said...

Gorgeous beach pictures, Vicki! I need to find a really god job so I can take a vacation! ;)

Thanks for sharing your photos!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, just a quick note from one of the "neglected ones" LOL!

Super slide-show, thanks for sharing all the pics, what a stunning place it is...O' how I envy you (well except for the know that dolphin is still laughing his a$$ off)...makes me think of that commercial with the high-five squirrels trying to get the car to move off the road for them...
*evil grin*

Nice job on the jackpot too, NO dont go back, you know they will take it from you, its a known fact they will get it back from you given the chance, this way you can say that machine contributed to paying for the vacation of a lifetime! =)

I for one am glad to see you return to making pages, one a day or one a week, even one a month...I am grateful for anything you make....

PS: I took care of those who didn't stop 5 seconds to say thank you, before me *wink*

Lori said...

Oh wow...I just watched the the slide show. I LOVE it! Great pictures and the perfect song!

I really like the qp too! Thanks for sharing and poo poo on the one who downloaded without courtesy!

Sue said...

Very nice pics and page! I like the shell. THANKS!