Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June Frames

Today you get the frames for the June kit. All chipboard, all the time! LOL!!! There are three that are wrapped, one with the starfish. The wraps from Cancun Dreams will also work well with these. Password is: chipped Actually, most of the embellies from it coordinate with the June kit. I am just about ready to chunk all the elements for June into a zip and call it a surprise. The preview for it is so pitiful, it is BEYOND crappy. This is 'gonna be it for now, I'm trying to catch up from yesterday and the missing secretary (are you impressed, Lori? LOL!!!) And for Rena and Erika, I am now on top of Glenn!!! Variety is the spice of life, right? ROTFLPIMP!!!

Here's Kim's swatch that I'm working with.
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Anonymous said...

A vacation to cancun has done you good, these frames and this new kit is" 'da bomb "...as my 13 yr old might say....wonderful stuff lady, and yes, you do look happier on top I might add!
*insert evil grin here* along with a little *smirk*

Dont worry about what the preview looks like, you know we love whatever you do, preview, nah we dont need it to be fancy....LOL

take care and thanks again for all you do for us.....it is APPRECIATED!!

Cauleen said...

Glad you're on top of Glenn...ROFL hysterically! Thanks for the giggle!

Erika said...

LMAO ! I cracked up at Rena's comment's double meaning the other day. I just think that dolphin photo is fantastic, sort of piccie you see in tourist brochures. I think we should have a crappy-preview challenge.
Hubby saw seahorses diving yesterday, I think I already told you about the pod of whales that he saw last weekend.

Lori said...

As I said in the last post...I am indeed impressed you have a secretary. lol
THanks for the cool frames and wraps and stuff! I really love your work.

Sue said...

Frames are always handy. I like the colors and the starfish. THANKS!