Sunday, June 22, 2008

More Vacation Pages

It's amazing what you can accomplish if you stay at home and be a good girl! Thanks for the pep talk, Rena! LOL!!! I actually managed to get some pages done! I didn't make QP's from these, they are fairly simple and pretty specific to my photos, but if anyone wants them, just ask. You know what they say about us southern girls, we aim to please! The alpha in the "Float" page is "See Clearly" from Misty Cato. These were pics that just had to scrapped for posterity, my Dad is most certainly NOT a beach or water person! The first day we went to the beach he wore his jeans, I mean, he will stay out fishing in 100 plus heat all day long, but he doesn't wear shorts or swim trunks, so this was a REALLY big deal! Next up is a pic of me during our very lazy river float. Everytime I would get stuck and just 'kinda be sitting there, Matt would come by to give me a push or a short tow to the next current. Whenever he came by, he would give a shove and shout "fifty pesos"! So...I now owe him big time! Last, but most certainly not least is my dolphin kiss page. Everytime I see this photo I just feel so much emotion that it is down right scary! I know I've said it before, but I'm 'gonna say it again...this experience is absolutely amazing! If you ever get the chance, DO IT!!! They are the most wonderful creatures and are very in tune with humans. They seem to know if you are a "dolphin person" and respond to that! And yes, if you are very observant, you will see that I have a tattoo of dolphins on my ankle!


Cauleen said...

Gorgeous layouts! I'm a huge fan of simplicity and these really deliver. Can't believe how beautifully the pics match your pages! And your dad looks like he is having so much fun. :) Thanks for sharing your pages. They are really neat to look at!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME pages Vicki, thanks for sharing them with us! After seeing your photo of the dolphin kiss, and hearing of your adventures, I have now added "getting kissed by a dolphin" and "dancing with a dolphin" to my bucket list! =)

well...Hell, since I have pen in hand I might as well add "WIN HUGE JACKPOT" at Casino......LMAO!!

Thanks again for sharing all your fun here on the blog...Rena

Lori said...

I forgot to mention on my post to your last entry: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on the big win at the casino!!!! I so wanna win big!

I love these pictures! WOOHOO on getting dad out for the lazy river looks so fun and relaxing. Did he enjoy it in the end???? I really really really love the dolphin embellie on your layout

Lisa said...

Great layouts! I swam with the dolphins in Cozumel....awesome experience!!