Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shame, shame shame!!!

Okay, ya'll have just shamed me into making the time to post! It's Sunday afternoon, and if I don't do it now, there's no tellin' when I'll be able to. It's getting down to crunch time, I have all the year-end reports done, all that is left are the W-2's & 1099's. (BIG PITA!!!) Let me tell 'ya, I have been workin' like a Texas whirlwind here, even the boss man commented on the woody state of my desk the other day!
I just got back from watchin' the grands last night so that Matt the Brat & My Girl could have a little bit of couple time. We made Jiffy Pop and Toll House Cookies, drank a lot of YoHoo and watched a lot of BAD Cartoon Channel. I ate tons of Lilly's plastic food and watched Wyatt do all kinds of stuff on his PSP. Poor Matt the Brat, he's not quite thirty yet (May 25) but he seems to be falling apart. The poor babe has been diagnosed with kidney stones (that's what ruined the Jamaica vacation) and now it is probable that he has the gout. Evidently it is his knee that is affected, and he is barely hobbling around. He has SWAT training coming up in February, so ya'll say a little prayer for him. Speaking of the gout, my right foot started up last night, I haven't had a problem since Thanksgiving, but I guess my luck ran out!
Uh, lets see...what else has been happenin' , oh yeah, I went to the boats, ( my stress reliever) and I hit the jackpot on the Sizzling Sevens and also on the Wheel of Fortune. Unfortunately, I did not bring it all back, but I did manage to retain a substantial amount for the next venture. Do I see another piece of jewelry in my future? RTOTFL!!! I can only hope!!!
On a scrappin' note, I bought Kim B's new fab kit " Hearty Tarty" and it was just perfect for this LO of myself and Ms. Trish. Get it here. If any of ya'll would like to have it, I can ask for permission to offer it as a QP, just let me know.


Denise said...

Glad to see you are back! Congrats on winning some big bucks. Jewelry is a must with new found money. lol

I love the LO and would love to see it as a QP.

W2's and 1099's will go by like a breeze. Yeah, sure!

I'll say a prayer or two for Matt.

TigerBead said...

What a lovely page! I'd love it in a QP. So sorry that tax time is crimping your scrapping style. Hope you break free real soon to do the things you love!

Sasa said...

Appreciate that you took some time out to catch us up with all the goings on around your life! Prayers for Matt are already going up - both that his knee gets better, that his SWAT training goes well, and that he stays SAFE on the job! Love those Citizens Of Peace . . . .