Monday, January 19, 2009

Bring On Spring

It's Monday, and ya'll know what that means...Vicki P. the Scrapping Machine has a new freebie kit! Check her blog every day this week to get it all. This week's offering is called "Bring On Spring", and it's just the thing to get you out of the winter doldrums.

At the moment, I am up to my eyeballs in quarterly & year end reports, W-2's, 1099's and other assorted tax bs, and I haven't had time to do much else. My desk looks like a tornado hit, wait it always looks like that! I hope that next month I will be able to get back to regular posting, until then, ya'll just hang in there with me.
Thank you Penny! No, you didn't miss the password, I forgot to put it in!
Password is: yummy

Todays gift: expired
What do we say?
Big hugs, Vicki


Penny S said...

Love you QP. Did I miss the password?

eilajean said...

Hi Vicki,

I love this photo - How cute and girly... too too sweet! The Yummy Chef hat justrocks - is sh ready for the easy bake oven yet! LOL I see you popped the link to the hunger site on your page. NICE! Hope it warming up in your world. 19 degrees is just WRONG in Texas>

Have a great day... it is back to photos for me.

Juli and Brett said...

Thanks Vicki! I really like this!

Sherry Out Loud said...

This is just adorable - thanks so much! Good luck with your desk....LOL!

Denise said...

Thank you Vicki! This is really cute. Have fun with all those numbers...

eilajean said...

Hi - I justed wanted to pop over and let you know I left a "you would be getting an award if you weren't so busy with the TAXman" award over at my place. Have a great day - hope your temps and spiritsare UP!


eilajean in Montana

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi Vicki!!! Stopping in to say a BIG Texas, from California of course, THANK YOU for being SO sweet and leaving me SWEET comments!!!

WHOA girl! I can only imagine the adornment atop your desk this time of the year! LOL! I have each of my men over here handing me their W-2's and asking what the turnaround time is and when they can expect their monies!!! Gotta LOVE 'em!

I ADORE your layout and that has got to be THE sweetest chef's attire I've ever seen! I am SO loving the PINK GINGHAM oven mitt! How SWEET is that!!!

Wishing you a LOVELY weekend sweetie and poor Vicki, she was SO hoping to see the SUNSHINE STATE in all it's glory! I'm hoping she'll get a glimpse of sun before she departs for her return to London!

Take care and thank you for your CONTINUED generosity and helping ALL of SCRAPLAND to "get 'er done"!


Linda :)

Penny S said...

Yeah, I got the password. Thanks again for sharing your talents.