Thursday, January 8, 2009

Glam Girl

I took a little break from Christmas scrapping and created some stuff to scrap this LO of Ms. Lil in all of her "Disney Princess" glory. She is most definitely a girly girl! Password is: diva
Ya'll know how much I love the folded, curled edges. The ones I am using now are from Scrap Girls. They are absolutely FABULOUS! I have put a link in the side bar, so go check them out!

Your gift for today: expired
Remember your manners!

Hugs, Vicki


Sasa said...

Just PRECIOUS!!!!! Thank you!

Sue said...

Very cute layout and quick page! Thank you very much! :)

eilajean said...

Love it! Thanks for shating - I have a grand daughter who is all pink and purple... bet I can find the photos for this. At Christmas, I was trying to show her mom how gimp works with quick pages - her mom's eyes were glazing over... but Miss Orianna was soaking the whole thing up. She is 6, and I bet she will be the scapper in the family! I am giving her my old computer, and plan to put gimp on it for her as well as Photoshop CS.

I am going to try to create some QPs for her to get her going. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

Have a great day!


Carrie said...

What a doll!!!

Juli and Brett said...

Thanks so much!

Denise said...

Thank you for the QP. As usual, beautifully put together.

Miss Lilly is so cute. I have a picture of my niece with the glasses and the little Miss It additude. lol Cute as can be.

Thanks again.

Ms Kittie said...

What a cutie! Thanks for sharing!

nanasax said...

Thanks so much
i just was blessed with twin gd and this will be perfect for showing them off with their older sister!

Jolene said...

cute cute CUTE! TY! have the perfect granddaughter pics for this one lol.Hugs and blessings

blsmom said...

What a great blog! I am new to digital and a friend recommended you! Thank you!