Sunday, July 19, 2009

Extreme Apologies!

To all my loyal blog readers...not an excuse by any means, but an explanation. Sometimes real life just gets in the way. It sucks, but it's true. First I take a ten day vacation, knowing full well what I'm 'gonna have to deal with when I get back. Let's just say it exceeded my expectations and leave it at that, okay? Then I am having to deal with all kinds of drama from our other store on top of trying to catch up and fix everything. THEN...Mel takes her vacation! AARRGGHH!!! I got the sales tax done Friday with only ten minutes to spare. I only have the quarterly reports left to do. Add in that I was elected treasurer of the Humane Society right before I left on vacation and am now responsible for cleaning up that mess. Throw in two temps who know squat, and it's just about perfect. I am fielding calls from telemarketers and all kinds of bozos. MELISSA, where are you!!! Please come back! I miss you!!!!
But WAIT!!! There's MORE!!! Now I am sitting here with 1400 photo's of the Disney Extravaganza, (yep, that's right, 1400, 'gotta love that continuous mode), the July Color Challenge to do, umpteen CT duties to fulfill, and that sorry so & so Mr. MoJo decides to take a hike. Don't get me wrong, I have still been able to create a few LO's, it just took me FIVE hours to do ONE! (Like I have the time to spare!) Ya'll just hang in here with me, it'll all be fine. (keep repeating to self).


Vicki said...

LOL you busy bee! Take it easy - go have a cocktail or something!! LOL! Hugs xxxx

Anonymous said...

Know the feeling... too much to do, and too little time... story of my life most of the time...

Hope you have a good week and are able to get caught up on some of the 'stuff'. Be sure and take some time out for yourself and not wear yourself out!

We are a patient group... we will be here waiting when you have time to catch up!

Crops said...

Whatever you do stay away from facebook will set you over the edge!!!! LOL

And if you find Mr. Mojo....please send him my way..I've seem to have the same problem and honestly I am trying to find him!!! But I give up after an hour or so working on something! lol

Take a few deep breaths and you'll find your way back... I have faith in ya!!

Elaine said...

Take it easy, you will get caught up, takes time.I agree with Vicki, go have a drink. We are a patient group & will be waiting for you.

eilajean said...

man - I got tired just reading about all you got going on. I think blog world can more than afford to cut Miss Vicki a little slack. I am off to Kansas City in the next week or so to tend to some health issues with my mother. Drop a prayer or two to the heavens if you wouldn't mind. Long story short, she had to have a kidney removed.

Be well Vicki - and BREATH!!!