Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wyatt & Shawna

Today's LO was created mainly from my October Color kit. The branches are from the fabulous Ms. Kim Broedelet (who is once again 21 this week! LOL!!!).
Wyatt and Shawna participated in the "Mom & Me" Cub Scout camp-out last month. Wyatt was so excited! Password is: scout They both had a great time, and of course Shawna shared her photos with me.

Todays gift: expired


Vicki said...

Gorgeous QP Vicki. Hugs xx

RaNoe said...

You do the BEST work!!! Thank you for the great page.

Susie2shoes said...

Thanks for this lovely QP Vicki. Hope you are relaxing a little bit. I've sent you a bubbles email containing a pleasant surprise.


Josie said...

Love the QP...Thanks!

Kim B said...

hee hee- ok, maybe 21 was pushing it- LOL
AWESOME PAGE gf!! Great Job!

Ms Kittie said...

OMG! Thank you for the wonderful QP. I just love all your hard work. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a nice day.

Denise said...

Wow, they are some bright colors The Temptations are wearing!

Thanks for the QP; can't wait to get home to download.

Carmen said...

Thank You, Thank You. Your gonna be cussing me after realizing all the e-mails (or what ever you get)
you get on my posts until you have approved me. Which I sure hope you do. Thanks again

Cassandra said...

Thanks so much!