Saturday, November 29, 2008

PS, I Love U

Well, here's something we haven't had for quite a while. A QP made from one of Anita @ wonderful kits! Yes, after a long hiatus, she is back to creating, and as usual they are absolutely fabulous. She indulges my need for foo-foo SOOO well! LOL!!! I took this pic of Ms. Lil blowing me one of her famous Cheeto kisses! Password is: cheesy

Todays gift: expired
What do we say?


RaNoe said...

Lily is such a doll. You lucky grandmother!!! Beautiful QP. Thanks for posting.

Penny S said...

She's so cute. Thanks for sharing

Juli and Brett said...

I really love the colors on this. Thanks so much!

Crops said...

I told ya I'd beee back! LOL Just wanted to say thanks sooo much! Sometimes these are such life when the brain is fried from to much shopping....LOL
I only had the car filled twice...and I am sooo happy its done!! Now who is gonna wrap all this stuff????? LOL
anyhowwww....thanks again, I do LOVE these QP's!!!

Vicki said...

Gorgeous Vicki! Love the photo!

Susie2shoes said...

Thanks for this cute QP. Lily is so cute, you are so lucky to have grand babies. I'm going to be too old to enjoy mine, as I will probably be in my 80's before mine get around to having any children!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a productive Black Friday.


eilajean said...

I love your girlie foo foo pages. Thank for sharing! Glad you did notget thrown in jail LOL - looks like itcan getreally out of hand at these sales. I guess I am just not up for standing in line in 17 degree weather for any amount of money savings. LOL

Have a great day!


Denise said...

Did you survive black Friday! I shopped online...I think more for myself than anyone. lol

Thank you for the QP! Lily is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Great QP. Thank you for sharing with us.

FamilyHistoryScrapper said...

Thank you. Glad to have Anita back. Appreciate your freebee..your layout is darling.